Renoise 2.0 And Proteus X2

hello everybody, new user here :)

a couple of days ago i bought the emu xboard49 midi keyboard, which is supplied with proteus x2 sound module. the problem is - i can’t make it work as a vst-instrument in renoise 2.0 (i’m using demo version atm) - renoise just freezes at startup, when trying to initialize the proteus x2 vst. the module works fine as a standalone app.

at the same time i have got free proteusvx installed, which works just fine as a vst.

can anybody give me some advice on how to make it work?

Just want to confirm, are you using it on windows XP?


lol. seems like i have accidentally logged in under my old and long forgotten account :D :D :D

Hmmm, we cannot test it because there isn’t the demo version, so we have to infer the cause blindly.
It seems that the system is a bit complicated, because the midi keyboard(midi device) seems to play a role of a “dongle”.
So I think that probably you should select the E-MU midi device at Renoise’s Preferences though…,
can’t Renoise be started at all?

Also could you test Proteus X2 in Live Lite 4 which is bandled too with Xboard49 ??

And there is an explanation of how to setup the Proteus X2 VSTi in it’s manual pdf, please check it too.(Chapter11 - Appendix)

im use proteus X2 Full version inside renoise,
i have no problems,
If you want to run ProteusX2 Emu says you need EMU soundcard, if VX then not

btw i have EMu Soundcard.

  • Click Static Buffer in renoise vst instrument settings.

i have one time freeze with ProteusX2 if i use 512mb soundbank,
but im qout RNS2.0 and load again and it works fine.

I have no trouble with initialisation section.
Close everything before runup Renoise mybe Proteus get sme leaks. :D

OK, a little update here (took a bit long :) )

Unfortunately I couldn’t make it work - I’ve tried uninstalling all other vst’s, leaving only proteus x2 (to avoid any possible conflicts), but that didn’t help. And yes, I understand that Xboard acts as a dongle, thus I always turn it on (and select it as a midi-controller in the vst-host). I didn’t tried it in Ableton, but tried it with Reaper - works flawlessly.

I guess I will give up on it - it’s not much of a loss, as I mostly use Renoise’s in-built sampler anyway :)

Thanks for your help guys.

Proteus X2 need EMU soundcard
why not respond correctly! do you have one or not!
so simple. ihave EMU soundcard and Eme Xboard and never get problems. easy

why not read the system requirements on the manufacturer’s website correctly so simple :P

you don’t need the EMU soundcard to run proteus x2 or proteus x2 vsti. emu xboard (which i have) is enough for that. if you did read my post that you quoted (i doubt you did tho now ;) ) - you should have seen that i have proteus x2 vsti working in reaper :)

As hotelsinus said:

Please make sure that the “Static Buffer” compatibility option is set in Renoise. We had some problems with other proteus VST plugins which got solved with the option. Please see for more detail about how to set the compatibility options.

If you can not even change the option because the plugin “freezes” Renoise while trying to load it, send me your CachedVSTs.db file please. I will then set the option manually for you. You will find this file next to the Renoise Log file -> Renoise -> Help -> “Show Log file”… Mail it to taktik renoise com