Renoise 2.0 New Features?, Which is the list?

Alright… where’s the bloody :puke: emote?

Will it feature branching campaigns or can we expect the same static endings in the story mode?

Not even Jesus could implement such feature into a music application.

… I wonder what Jesus would do with Renoise 2

I’m sure he’d kick an ass or two, at least that’s what Brian Boitano would do.

  • Clock in top right coner

For users who prefer Renoise in fullscreen mode. They are always losing sense of time and usually they are quitting from Renoise at about 3 p.m… :ph34r:

Hahaha, NO NO NO! HELL NO! Ignorance is bliss!

Ya gotta really explore the space! :P

get a watch/bloody clock in your studio!

You all know there used to be a clock in Renoise, right? Pre multi-platform days? (< version 1.5)

I think I remember it was on the lower right of the screen.

It was removed.

If you want that, download Renoise 1.27:

I want that theme. That’s hawtness.


To alleviate uncertainties vis-a-vis the professionality of Renoise, version 2.0 will see a limited celebrity edition.

I for one really look forward to this.


The first two replies in every thread asking ops question. ^_^



did some one say BEATSLICER ?

lol sorry, im a bit drunk

will franchises be available?

any word about the date for the next voting procedure?

EDIT: i guess this thread isnt meant to be serious…

yes, one.