Renoise 2.1 Beta Testing Starts

Obscure internet meme alert - sorry guys :)

The other features look fecking brilliant, needless to say. Particularly pitchbend in the MIDI-CC device.

epic win!

what a nice surprise! :) downloading


This news almost gave me a heart attack!!! I still can’t seem to fully accept the fact that Renoise now has BOTH Rewire Master AND Slave!!! Or do I misunderstand something? Thought this was impossible, at least the Slave mode!!! WTF!!!

From now on I’m officially going to dedicate more of my energy and resources to market Renoise. You guys just made a fanatic out of me. This is soooooooo great news that I simply don’t know what to say – “thanks” just seems so futile.

This will open up a new era for Renoise. Let’s make the most of it.

simply WOW :yeah:

(the only thing we need now is an updated set of smilies for the board so we can express our horny feelings better)

Rewire support was the last piece I was waiting for buying Renoise.

I love You!!! :dribble:


no really, wow. minor update eh ? :D


Now i will could use tb303 from Rebirth directly in Renoise’s tracks.
Thank You Devs.

Sounds a bit like Btdsys PeerCtrl in Buzz. Glad to hear that you’re working on more meta devices.

Maybe similar, but the idea comes from here:

Serious :wacko:

Wow. I downloaded as soon as I saw the independant pattern view business. It’s great. Thanks :)

that’s awesome!!

thank you so much Taktik and the devs :-))

just gotta say the new live-mode is really great,
and not only for live-use, but also for arranging songs :)
a huuuge timesaver for me now that i can demo transitions before actually setting it up. love it.

*runs out house to buy the most expensive shoe pollish for taktik’s shoe collection and scrubs them all like a happy worthless bitch maid



Awesome. The live pattern switching alone is huge.

holy shit!!! taktik… holy shit!!!

I got the meme and I lol’d at tactic’s reply.

Anyway, about 2.1…

Thank you!

Every time you update renoise it’s like chrismas for me…

I love you guys