Renoise 2.5 Beta Testing Starts

That sounds/looks absolutely stunning. I humbly bow to the developers… GREAT WORK!!! :yeah:

Good direction …
now i am ready for my raindrops scroll suggestion (i post it)

It is so good that i must have now my time to think about what can renoise do for me more the next time ^_^

Awesome new features, thank you Renoise crew! I’m off tracking now for good, bye.

Thank you for implementing the biggest thing for me. The thing that now allows me to stretch Renoise over two monitors. The undisputed feature champion of the world:

Movable sample recorder window.

Thank you. :)

8 pattern effect commands as well, that’s exactly what I needed as well. WE FINALLY MADE IT BOTB!

…ok ok, all the real additions are awesome as well!

Just logged into Backstage and downloading. Looks awesome from the screenshot! :D

Although I registered at 1.5 Final and you say 1.5 and below should have to upgrade. For some reason I did remember it always saying 1.x would get you upto and including 2.x when I bought it, which I thought was good as covered you a possible upgrade more.

Good work team!

this is unbelievably awesome :dribble: :dribble: :dribble:

I was wondering why there wasn’t a “feature voting” this time, and it turns out EVERY most requested feature got implemented :yeah:

Oh, sorry guys. That actually was a typo above. The upgrade price is and should be 39.00 EUR.

Not including but until

Fair enough, my mistake. Guessing it’s to give people time to buy at reduced price in Beta/RC phase yeah?

OK you are going to have to forgive my language but

I thought to myself this is being hyped a little too much over the last few days
Wasn’t i wrong
I am totally shocked by this update

Most of it is awesome but the pattern matrix is not what i personally had hoped for (cant have everything i guess )


Seems you can now make some more tutorials i guess.

OMGZ. This is just epic.
Just did some live jamming with the XY device… Fuckin awesum. WOW.
Pattern Matrix is sweet. AND everything midi-mappable - no waaay.

Though two things I directly noticed: Where did the panic button go? (Yes, i already needed it.)
And, XY device if you sort of minimize it so you can only see the field: it’d be nice if you’d still now which parameter is linked to x and y in some way…

Signal Follower Meta Device … Render to Instrument… Pattern blocks…

… wow… just… wow.

Best XMAS gift evar

Amazing work guys. I’m absolutely humbled.

I’m VERY happy you went for the signal follower device instead of some kind of dedicated sidechaining solution. Just really, really happy. I noticed it’s still a slave to the left-to-right track order, but that is NOT a real problem.
Better MIDI mapping? Why thank you santa! And that cabinet unit? Metal.

I have some things i want to bitch about, such as a snap-to-zero for the xy device (so it can work as a joystick live) but i’ll hold my tongue for now ;)

Can’t wait to see what you do with the scripting. This is currently THE nerdiest sequencer on the market, and it’s blowing my mind.


that pattern matrix is incredible!

Thank you Devs!

Amazing, and I just downloaded the old version yesterday after a re-install :)
Thanks for launching this at the end of the week :P

Click the stop-button two times. Or assign a shortcut to the function ;)

Thanks guys!

//I noticed it’s still a slave to the left-to-right track order, but that is NOT a real problem.//
That might be a problem for some shit I want to do… but I’ll work around it for now. I’m still happier than a kid with a million dollar shopping spree at toys’r’us. The signal follower alone will keep me busy for ages.

… I’ve been on facebook too long… I’m starting to forget about quote buttons :P

i came… twice

on a more serious note… loving the new native fx… The cabinets!!!

This is my first update and i feel a little spoiled…