Renoise 2.5 Demo Builds Available (Rc1)

Until now Renoise 2.5 was only available to registered users. From today on public Renoise 2.5 demo builds (first release candidate) are available as well.

Release Candidate versions are the last builds that are published shortly before the version goes gold, is officially “finished”. The final version will be released quickly in the upcoming week if nothing bad happens.

Renoise 2.5 Demo (Windows)
Renoise 2.5 Demo (Mac OS X)
Renoise 2.5 Demo (Linux) main pages will follow shortly.

:yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

…but still, filter envelopes are bugging out like i already pointed out an e-mail i sent…


I hope you would simply work around this. The behavior you described is indeed a bit strange, but thats how it works.

Congratz :)

Is there a list of changes/additions from the last beta?

Ace! Great.

heya taktik, great to see release candidate reached, although the recent betas have been stable for me.

is there any plan to release an updated manual for 2.5? no pressure in the slightest but i was about to print a dead tree copy of the 2.1 manual for reading outside under a tree (hmm, is that dark humour? maybe for the tree…), and if an update is coming i’ll probably wait til then before i consume the paper.

best regards, renoise is simply awesome. ;)

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Interesting; what is the issue with the filters? Not found anything myself…

Awesome, just got the 2.5 demo… can’t say enough about the pattern matrix, it is like you implemented part of my brain, fantastic. I feel bad for playing away from home with reason and fruity, when I’ve always been a tracker at heart :) nice RC, looking forward to final/GA.


Linux link doesn’t work.

Mirror was temporarily broken. Should work again now.

good stuff, thank you!!!

is there a plan to use markers in sample editor?
that can we trigger in a pattern?
something like this:
only the markers in the wave section that can be mapped to different notes!!! cool, indeed ? :D

umm… you can dood…RTFM! =D

You can not dood , except for 09xxx commands but these are not ’ visual markers’ , just offset points

Slicing yourself and Generate drum kit perhaps? :P

I know

i have to say the pattern arranger is such a useful new addition to renoise! no more painstaking naming of patterns - “kick returns, fade out bass 1.1, 1.2, 1.x” etc…


umm, renoise has been acting up fro me a bit recently… crashed a couple times, didn’t say what was wrong…

and then sometimes the cursor disapears completely… maybe its just my computer, but i though i let you know (happened RC1)

Or some new plugins you played around with lately? Would be great if you could try to find out more details.