Renoise 2.5 Track Levels ?


I was registered Renoise user back then at 1.28 versions etc. After that I’ve been using Ableton Live. Recently I began trying out Renoise 2.5 which seemed to inspire me a lot more than ableton and workflow is like million times faster for me :). Once a tracker always a tracker maybe then heh…(started learning music composing with FT2).

Ok so everything seems to work like it should in 2.5 (really nice improvements since 1.28 and eve 1.5).

But how come it seems it’s not possible to see exact values of track levels (only master track seems to show it in track view but not in mixer) ?
Or am I just missing some ‘enable track levels’ -button somewhere?
It feels kinda weird to not be able to see exact db values for each track (in track and mixer view). It’s quite crucial for mixing imo.
Thought it a bit more and I think it would be really awesome to see the level db value in pattern view all the time or in Track Scopes! =)

(Another one would be more accurate and configable Spectrum view (this would go to suggestion forum though I guess)).

Don’t get point 1. You can set and see exact values for both pre and post effect gains in Mixer view and in the respective devices in the DSP chain.

EDIT2: Actually you mean level, not gain, isn’t it. Where can you see this for Master, as you claim you can? Not seem a numerical representation of output level from what I remember. Could be nice to have some more options for the meters in general. Peak-hold, PPM style (still with dB but the fast attack/slow release is important) and RMS options would be nice, with numerical data for each as well as the graph.

Point 2. Search the suggestions forums. Some quite nice ideas for expanding the spectrum are logged in a thread in there.

EDIT: Think this is the Spectrum thread I was referring to:

So rarely on the Master channel I hadn’t actually noticed that. Still enhancements in monitoring would be appreciated by many I’m sure.

Also just noticed those numbers and the ones next to the graphical representation do not anywhere near correlate. Is one meant to be peak, one RMS? Or is something just a bit wrong?

That won’t be implemented, because that won’t be helpiing with mixing.
Individual tracks don’t clip… ever…

Hmm? Well why you think its not useful info to know if your drums are at -8db -8.5db -9db or -10db etc (and at same time comparing it to your bass levels to get them to your wanted ratio quick)?

I see it as a way to have consistent mixes if you are composing similar style of music. You don’t have to spend a lot of time when you start mixing down again.

Also knowing that you have each drum,sample,synth etc at specific ~db value to get the track mixed at -6db master is really helpful for me atleast. Then add limiter etc whatever to master to get it up

For example first setup the levels by just numbers/learnt ratios for your likening and then finetune by ear.

edit: You can also keep mixing the song without listening too loud to save your ears (if you see the db values and have an idea in your head for the ratios approx. how loud each instrument should be)

No i was actually aiming towards the clipping only, but i overlooked there are indeed also a few values next to these clipping squares highlighted :)