Renoise 2.5 Vocoder Using Only Internal Fx...

just finished some vocoder toying about in 2.5b4. Not perfect in any way - but lots of fun, I’m sure clever renoisers can improve it (please do, I’d like to hear it…)

Get it here: bitgenxpnsv_vocoder

description: Renoise 2.5 vocoder tutorial

A vocoder uses a MODULATOR signal to modulate a CARRIER singal split up in a number of frequency bands.

In this example we send the MODULATOR and CARRIER to 5 send channels each (M1-5 and C1-5 respectively). Each send has a band pass filter (butterworth 8n, Q=0.75). The filter frequencies are set by the lower values in the hydra device in the CTRL. After the filter each MX channel has a signal follower (-INF to 0 dB; minimum attack, relase, & sensitivity; and full frequency range) that modulates the volume of the corresponding CX channel.

More suitable signals, more bands and more careful frequency selection improves the effect. If one uses the frequency selection in the signal follower device one can do without the M send channels and operate directly in the MODULATOR channel, however it gets more fiddly to get the right frequencies everywhere…

  • bitgeni & nxpnsv 29 dec 2009

Interesting approach, still needs a lot of work indeed though.
Tried fumbling with the CTRL-Hydra to see if there is something suitable to make out of it, but not really.


I had this very same idea last night and was just about to try it out myself, will check out your xrns now…

Great nxpnsv!
I once had an old approach by feeding three different resonant filters, where each filter frequency represents a note. I checked your ethexample and it seems very promising! I think a refined Ringmod can help us here most.

Heya! I just created a vocoder today out of renoise internal effects too…
Turned out pretty good I think… should be usable :)

Same approach as yours but with 16 much narrower filters.

Here’s a sample:

And the XRNS file:

Maybe a renoise ninja could apply this to an actual song? :yeah:

thats kl, like the break at the end lol

Awesome! :dribble:

Impressed :drummer:

Well done Joltz!

Best vocoder-hack I’ve heard in Renoise yet! Great stuff Joltz.

Cool! Just proof of how crazy great an improvement 2.5 is…


Works really well.

I had a fiddle and made a few improvements;

-Grouped the C channels and send them all to a master bus. Put a limiter on this to bring the sound out a little. Of course, this master bus could be used for any extra effects you want to apply to the overall sound of the vocoded source

-Removed the sample voice, and modified the track to have a Line-In device so that it works as a real time vocoder.

The original idea is great and really shows what is possible with Renoise. Great stuff!

EDIT; Here you go… Linky