► Renoise 2.6 Goes Gold

But now I have nothing to get excited over about for Christmas :(

Good work guys!

Don’t worry about that. ;)

Big! Party ON :yeah: :drummer:

That’s Awesome

Good Job Renoise Team!

Hell yeah! Can’t wait to download it. Thank you Renoise Team! You guys kick ass! Now I just gotta scrape together some money cause it’s time to renew my license. Blah.

What the…???

Christmas script packages

we are working on a Renoise 2.6.1 special Christmas edition with a red coloured theme. Only available through the Mac Appstore pricing at 59.99€ or 59.99$ or 59.99£. As a special bonus, with only other 159.99€ or 159.99$ or 159.99£, you will have get a free MightyMouse special mouse device with a Renoise logo sticker on it!

notice: Renoise Special Christmas Edition will only work if used with a Mighty Mouse Special Renoise Edition plugged in. A Mighty Mouse Special Renoise Edition Mighty Mouse adapter is needed in order to plug Mighty Mouse Special Renoise Edition into the standard Mighty Mouse plug

From one geek to another: Renoise, will you marry me?

Great news!

I’m currently away for work again now, but as soon as I am back I will fully test my AlphaTrack tool with the 2.6 final release.


Just to clarify, It-Alien is just joking. :)

We wouldn’t EVER do something as evil as this!

The Mighty Mouse Special Renoise Edition will cost no more than $149.99, and it won’t be available in Europe at all before summer 2011, when it will be sold for just first payment of 255.76€ and a subscription model of 15€ per month + 0.0015€ fee for each click over the Reasonable Use 65 Clicks Per Day!

notice: You may purchase and own at any time only ONE Mighty Mouse Special Renoise Edition per household. If you, your family members, friends or their family members (or friends) are caught owning more than one Mighty Mouse Special Renoise Edition or caught THINKING of purchasing another, you will be put down like the dog you are.


Great job team!!! Hope this releaves alot of stress for ya guys!! Now I can tell my friends to try out the demo themselves instead of preaching all the AWEOSME FEATURES that this realease brings… FUCKING EH GUYS!!! It’s really obvious that you guys feel a passion for this and I wouldn’t change a thing about being in this community!! Fucking AWESOME GUYS!!! Keep up the stellar work!!



Only one word: Congratulations!

:guitar: :drummer: :guitar:


Click -> http://createdigitalmusic.com/2010/11/customization-friendly-renoise-2-6-arrives-duplex-controllerism-explained/

I’ve only had Renoise for less than two weeks (I bought my license within an hour of using the demo) and I cannot say how much this software has done for me in the terms of creativity…and I can satisfy my geekness with learning a new language (Lua) and try to make some of my own tools

Before Renoise, I’d never used tracker-type sequencers before and I am more than a convert; both in terms of the software and the community that surrounds it and I hope that I can contribute in some way

Big shout to the Dev Team! Congrats!

Well done guys :)