Renoise 2.7 Or The Future...

A nice option would be to skip certain patterns , for example .pat 1…4 , you then mark pattern 3 , renoise will jump from pattern 2 directly to pattern 4, I know I know we can shift click multiple patterns to rearrange their order but that’s not really the same .

What arranger ?

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EDIT: haha - fail

its some kind of exaggeration formed to a joke. classic.

yeah, i am a broken record…can we get the auto capture inst. function to capture at any point within one track in one block…rather than only capturing new inst. when scrolling across tracks or blocks.

goddamnit! will you people listen to taktik when he speaks!?

if you ask me, that is all i really needed to hear. the scripting stuff was wicked cool but way over my head, so i’ll be patient and have fun with what we have right here with 2.6.

seriously, i have done enough feature requests over the past year or so, but the idea behind these requests was always a hope that the devs would find the idea useful for improving the software. if not, too bad. Renoise is a fantastic piece of software even without all the request some people around here are so anxious to bitch about. again, feature requests are perfectly fine, but please keep it humble.

2.7 will be more than worth the wait, as always. learn to appreciate what you have.

There have been submitted loads of good ideas, but also we also do the brainstorming on the “Where do we start first” issue.
And when stuff gets in, there is still a batchload of features that didn’t made it into the new version.
But sooner or later we get there.

do you accept bribes? my aunt bernice makes a wicked cream of broccoli soup!!!

I do appreciate what I have. Indeed, I am indebted to ‘Renoise’ (and trackers as a whole for that matter) but…not having some basic feature that other DAWs/samplers have is extremely frustrating

I am talking about in particular multi-veolocity sample instruments. Jonas made a point about it and I positively responded. Then, I get a response along the lines of ‘not again’. Well, I did some extensive searching and found IT-alien answered a newbie post saying that this was hoping to be in the next version. That post was in 2007. Akai/Ensoniq samplers have been doing this since the late 80s ffs…

Had I known that this was the case ie no velocity layers, I would have rethought buying Renoise from the start and since recently discovering this major omission I was forced to re-purchase Kontakt

I buy tools. I am not a ‘fanboi’. I love Renoise but I will say if something, I think, is wrong. Not a feature request; a fundamental omission. But, I resent the atmosphere of telling people what and when they can, or cannot say something in a public forum especially when it’s (somewhat vaguely constructive)…all I did was post ‘+1000’ and a pic of Moony

my comment was not directly aimed at you. i get what you are talking about, and i understand it. also, i agree with you completely on people having to be able to say what they want on a public forum. i should, as it is exactly what i did here.
the way my comment came to be was after reading this:

and before that reading other stuff on the forum along the same lines the past year or so of people repeating their requests over and over and over again, nagging about them in what seemed to be some vain hope that they’d instantly receive a personal Renoise update in the mail.
my post was probably in the wrong place, and again, was not directed at you. i’m sorry i made you feel like you needed to defend yourself. i think your request is as valid as any.

I doubt people really mean it in a harmful way against you. Nevertheless, you have most Alpha members and enough team-members supporting your desire along with a batch load of other users that desire multivelocity layers.
It is also a hot topic discussed backstage during each alpha it is being brought up again and being retought how to fit this into a tracker style program without breaking current compatability (these supply the most headaches) yet in a way that it can be expanded if perhaps some more ideas would be added that could be a great part.
IT-Alien has already described a complete roadmap how multilayer instruments could be supported. Also Pysj delivered a lot of mockups how such idea would fit into the tracker picture. All these got pretty serious taken into discussion.
Unfortunately so far these only have been discussions. There are still a few important cornersstones to improve, like the way how you can use MIDI to control instruments, or how samples should be linked to an instrument.

I personally guess this translation will be evolving slowly in the future (I don’t even dare to say “near” future anylonger like i used to because the “near” has been quite extended for over two years by now) to eventually get there.

This thread is the restlessness that happens every 6 months.