Renoise 2.7 Or The Future...

i hope this doesn’t come across as rude, but i’m interested in what the next release could hold for renoise. is there any info on what’s on the table at this point, or is it too early to divulge any new functional tidbits?

Better automation (multiple points per line, curves) should be a very high priority, in my opinion. /spamming opinion

we never give info about forecoming releases. This happened with 2.6 about scripting but I don’t think it will happen again.

all I can say is that we are already working to the next version

fair enough guv. :) divulging 2.6 before it dropped must have been a huge pain in the ass…

I still have the first Renoise version on my HDD, just opened it.
We’ve come a long way.

it still works on Windows 7 :)

There are / I have many suggestions but all I can say there is no program with with such a pain in the ass arranging.
Besides that :dribble:

Read me (for the very Nth time)…

how about a lil vote for some feature in the backstage area… for lulz and such? :>

If you guys get bored i perhaps can let you search for an easteregg in 2.5. (For those who didn’t wanted to upgrade to 2.6 and later)

oops! :blush: :blush: :blush:

hmmmmmm… not disputing, just curious…how do find arranging to be difficult? I find the pattern matrix has helped…
the reason I am asking is I have never really tried another way so maybe you know something I don’t(most likely).

I would use 2.5 again just for that!!! :lol:

It is very easy to make mistakes ( overwriting a excisting pattern),
A list of all patterns next to the matrix would make things easier for deciding which to use , with overview of excisting, but not used yet patterns.
No dragging of patterns, if you decide for example to move pattern 4 from its place to say after pattern 8,
you have to duplicate/insert pattern 4 after pattern 8, then delete pattern 4 in its original place.
If you decide to keep the copy and the original, and change the original the copy will be changed to unless you duplicated it . Then this copy will have pattern for example number 23 , but there is no overview which pattern numbers are used, after all, if a pattern gets removed in the matrix, does it not mean that the pattern number is not used.
Also a timeline is missing.
You can see where you are in the main upper bar next to the cpu consumption, but it makes me look to far away from the matrix and I can not see which bar I’m in in the matrix ( I saw someone maked a tool for this, have to try that)
The zoom in zoom out feature of the matrix is stress, because of the strange mouse controll the thing more often zooms the way I don’t want to than I wanted it too.

This is written in 5 minutes, please ask if it is not clear, I understand it but I’m not sure if my point
is easy reading for someone other.

Yeah i definitely can agree with that, I have had these issues too, just never really payed much attention to it and tried to get on the best I could…I especially would like to see an overview of the existing unused patterns as i always have tons…

And was able to understand post perfectly, well written as i am assuming english is not your 1st language! :walkman:

Allright , I’m not that crazy then!
Thank you, what gave away english is not my first language :D ?

No you don’t. Or do you mean an individual block (track) within the Matrix, rather than a Pattern from the Sequencer?

I do mean a pattern from the sequencer.
How do you do it?

HA HA!! :) Because your writing is very good but were a few grammatical mistakes that were not consistent with how good your writing was! This is very common when people speak second languages.

I saw someone maked a tool for this, have to try that

This was one giveaway…it makes perfect sense why you wrote maked as you were speaking about the past tense…however the correct use of the verb is make(this would be fine as saw already implies past)or made.

Anyways i don’t speak/write any of my other languages as well as you so well done! :)

Click on it once so it’s highlighted on its own. Click on it and drag to new position. You can move groups of patterns around the same way by dragging across more than one initiall to select more than one.

hope the instrument editor also gets a thorough pimping, multi-velocity layers ftw. No doubt it will be :drummer: