Renoise 2.7 Synth Experiment

I think I am missing something when you say “Map both across the entire keyboard range so they play together”…

How would you do this?

In the “Sample Keyzones” tab - which is only available in (the beta version of) 2.7. - you can now layer samples.

Feel free to include them if you wish, they were only something I knocked up one Saturday afternoon! They may need a little tidying up beforehand but nothing major.

I’m still learning synthesis but I’ll have a look at making some more sometime.

Doh, missed that, many thanks…

Thanks for these, mxb. Some interesting sounds may come out of this.

Taktik / Dev team,

Don’t want to hijack the thread but if you manage to squeeze this change into 2.7 before release then we can do much more velocity -> filter modulation funkyness. :rolleyes: :P

It can go into negative values in b4, or am I missing something?

Possibly as I’m still on b2 as I’m away from home.

If so, well played dev team, well played. :mellow:

check this:●►-renoise-27-beta-3-4-released/

i´ve tested this today, nice idea :)

what i realy miss is the possibility to setup different envelopes/lfo´s for each layer. maybe something for future updates ;)

will do some more testing tomorrow.

Instrument pack updated (also linked in 1st post)

Download here

Now contains:

  • Mono bass
  • Hoover bass (new)
  • Acid bass (velocity sensitive) (new)
  • ‘Classic’ synth strings (new)
  • Cheesy home organ
  • ‘Chip Square’ lead
  • Wobble saw lead

Again, feel free to redistribute and use wherever you like.

thanks Bro,much appreciated!!

Thanks a bunch for this. So awesome. Currently doing some experiment with supersaws in Renoise 2.7 myself.

Nice, simple, appropriate application of the new features.

mxb, just a minor suggestion for your examples: I’d make the bass synths use no interpolation, or at least the Acid Bass. It’s just my preference, but it sounds more crisp that way.

Hey all, thanks for the kind words.

Just doodling around with beta 5 today and the instrument pitch envelopes resulted in another instrument:

arp acid bass.xrni

This may have been obvious to some others, but by using the pitch and volume envelopes in points mode, you can create gated and/or arpeggiated ‘riffs’ which fire from a single key.

You can also mimic some glide functionality with carefull programming.

Please have a play around with the instruments in this thread to (hopefully) learn a few tips how to make your own instruments and the full power of the new Renoise sampler.

Cool tip, haven’t tried the new point functionality in the instrument envelopes yet.

Hmmm…care to show how?

forgive me all as I have been MIA for a while for a multitude of reasons.

how are these synths diff from the old chip instruments?

Sound nice and all but can’t get them to do anything diff than old ones…yeah I am using 2.7…forgive me again as I know its my ignorance!!!

I think by using the pitch LFO instead of the envelope.
You can get nice effects by using the pitch LFO, pick the Random option, pull up the frequency to somewhere around 27/30 and set the depth to 10 or lower.

There’s some new stuff like stereo phase modulation going on - possible, by having two basic waveforms, one of which is slighty detuned. This trick is often used for fatter sounding bass synths, but couldn’t be done with Renoise 2.6 (playing two samples on top of each other when one note is pressed) - previously, you’d have to throw effect DSPs on top of the sound to achieve a similar result.