Sample Enveloper Follower


Just downloaded the new 2.7b2. Really nice, thanks!

The first thing I did with the new sampler was turn it into a more advanced synth (see here for details/example).

What I have noticed is that if you set the envelope follower to on (for example on cutoff), increasing the amount closes the cutoff frequency with a higher velocity. Sometimes it would be better to open the filter with a higher velocity.

Therefore the simple request is to set the range of follower amount from -127 to +127 rather than 0 to +127.

A pitch based follower would also be nice (to open the filter for higher pitches), but that would be much more work than the above. ^_^


There is no envelope follower in the instrument settings?

Are you talking about the Signal Follower device in the Track DSPs? If so, then you can simply invert the Dest Min and Dest Max parameters: Dest Min = 100%, Dest Max = 0%.

Use the Key Tracker device in Track DSPs for this. Of course, this won’t actually respond to the pitch of the sample if you’re changing it with pitch bends and stuff like that, but it will respond to the actual note you play.

as dblue has pointed out, it is not very clear what youare talking about, anyway, if it is about the Signal Follower, you can reverse the maximum and minimum values in order to reverse the effect, id est: put 0Khz on the cutoff as the maxmimum value and 22.1khz as the minimum value


Sorry for being a bit unclear. I am not refering to any DSP effects.

Anyway, please see this image:

I am trying to refer to the (what appears to be) a follower that tracks velocity on the LFO section for filter cutoff and filter resonance.

As I mentioned above, as amount is increased, more velocity = a lower cutoff, sometimes the opposite is preferable, so a range of -127 to +128 rather than 0 to +128 would provide more flexibility in creating synth sounds.

I hope this clears things up and thanks for the quick responses.

Haha, holy crap! How the hell have I never noticed this before? It’s even in 2.6!

I feel like a complete n00b right now :wacko:

Hehe. Well, I only noticed it in the beta so I thought it was new!

It’s very useful for 2.7b native synths as you can map velocity to resonance. Add a couple of square waves and you have a reasonable quality native acid synth instrument.