► Renoise 2.8 Goes Gold


The beta & Scripting API Q/A and announcement forums will be merged into the regular forums now.
Lets please continue brainstorming, testing and finetuning the release as usual in the regular forums.

A big big thanks for all the feedback and help during the last weeks to everyone involved!
Have fun with the new release!

Woha!! Great work guys, let’s make som noise :drummer:

Taktik is made of awesome and has an enormous penis! :yeah:

Jeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! Thank you devs! Really good job!

Yaaaay, finally!
As usual, incredible job dudes!

nice, been waiting for this! perfectly in time, as always. thanks a lot taktik + dev-team + everyone who’s been helping out and detecting bugs and making last-minute requests. another awesome release. you’re building a high expectancy here :)


awesome!! :D

hip hop hooray! ho! hey! ho!
2.8 is the shit, no doubt about it.

Today, I’m 1.6 renoise version old.

Thank you for all your work on another great release!

Aaah, so wonderful !! I knew when I wake up this morning that TODAY was gonna be a GREAT DAY !! Tnx guys…

congratulations, great release!

Cool :drummer:

hip hop hooray hoooooo heeeeey hooooo


What was this about a new render mode?

very good ! :)

I hope these tools get updated

clearjunkdata by ledger
splitintoseperatetracks by fladd
customwavesynth by it-alien
slidetonextnote by joule

those are the tools I used most

oh yeah, is there no longer a way to leave comments on tool pages now?

I think the decision was made, as those comments would very easily get overlooked. “Support”-like questions should really be redirected here, as this forum offers some convenient tools (such as “watched topics”, which can automatically send an email when someone posts something). And for a productive tool author, his/her tool pages should constantly be checked?

The intention was good, but in practice it turned out to be a place where digital dust could too easily settle…

Thanks a lot for a great update! What I’ll be using most is track clones, and perhaps collapsible tracks and grouping.

I’ve updated slide to next note for 2.8. New Tool (2.7, 2.8): Slide To Next Note
Please report any bugs.