New Tool (2.7, 2.8): Slide To Next Note

Slide to next note


Inserts slide effects that will slide to the next note in column from the current cursor position. Effects are being inserted in the leftmost effect column.

Menus & Keybindings:

Keybinding preference is found under Pattern editor:Track operations:Slide to next note.

Menu is found in the pattern editor right click menu.

Next version:

  • Take into account slide effects between cursor position and previous note.
  • Tidy up code

Feedback and suggestions are much appreciated! Or just let me know if you like it :)

For Renoise 2.7: 2462 joule.no0b.SlideToNextNote.xrnx
For Renoise 2.8: 3038 joule.no0b.SlideToNextNote.xrnx

Much appreciated,

This would be sweet.

Works good the only thing I found was that if there are no notes it would say the plugin failed.

2 requests;

An option to not add the 500 effect to the note so the sound can be re-triggered, It was this way in older trackers I think.

slide above or below current line maybe as an option or as slide to & slide from.

Thanks big time saver. ;)

Also just noticed that if there are B0 B1 commands in the volume column it will slide to those I think it seeing them as the next note.

Very welcome tool! Thanks :drummer:

I wouldn’t mind a hacked version, similar to Ledger’s note-off tool, that lets you set the sliding from a settable amount of rows from every note-event in a pattern editor selection. I.o.w have it work through a complete track.

Yeah, sorry. I made a mistake that will be fixed in the next version :) thanks for reporting.

Thanks for suggesting. I think that’s a bit of a different tool. I will probably make a GUI with some options though.

Cool! B)

If you have the cursor on a note off and run the script I get:

Thank you. I will remake & simplify the code as soon as I’ve finnished another tool.

nice one.

Any chance this could be updated to work with 2.8 please, I use this tool all the time.

@Dunks, Cool. I didn’t think anyone used it :)

The code is so bad so I will make a rewrite for 2.8 then. Thanks for requesting.

looking forward to it!

Yo Joule, could you please update this one?! :drummer:

Jonas, Ok. I’ll start working on it! I’m a bit ashamed of the status on this tool, but surprisingly it seems to work for some people :wacko:

Thanks for looking in to it!

don’t worry about the tidiness of code content, most users (like me) won’t look into the scripting terminal and judge as it is all hocus pocus anyway :wink: . As long as it works it is fine for me! Maybe it is just a case of find & replacing the old pitch commands (2XX & 1XX) with the new ones (DXX & UXX) in the code?

joule, please update this tool I miss it so much. :(

It only works for those using 2.7.2 and lower.
Renoise attempts to upgrade tools, but does not change variable values nor guess which effect commands it supposed to change. I really doubt if this tool works in 2.8 without alteration.
But the alterations should be minor.

Nice tool, thanks!

+1 for supporting 2.8!

Sorry guys. I’ll fix it soon. It’s not much work…