Renoise 2 Vs Sunvox

(NightRadio) #21

SunVox v1.6 released
iOS version will be available soon (after Apple approval).

What’s new:

  • GUI improvement and optimization;
  • Maemo port (tested on Nokia N900);
  • iOS: added screen orientation locking;
  • iOS 4 multitasking support;
  • iOS: added file sharing (SunVox <-> iTunes);
  • added spectrum analyzer;
  • new module: OGG Vorbis Player; note: this module is not available for the PalmOS devices;
  • new module: Amplitude Modulator (multiplier);
  • added new controller in the “Distortion”: “Noise”;
  • added LFO to the “Filter”;
  • improved sound quality of the “FM” module;
  • improved sound quality of the “Kicker” module;
  • added high-quality cubic interpolation to the “Sampler” module; note: this mode doesn’t work on handheld devices with integer engine;
  • added a set of built-in color themes;
  • you can specify your own colors using the c_0, c_1, c_2 and c_3 options in the sunvox_config file; example: c_0 #00FF80;
  • added UNDO/REDO functions (trough the main menu or CTRL + Z / CTRL + Y / SHIFT + CTRL + Z);
  • added “edit step” to the pattern editor;
  • new keyboard shortcut (pattern editor): CTRL + MINUS - decrease edit step;
  • new keyboard shortcut (pattern editor): CTRL + PLUS - increase edit step;
  • correct solo/mute handling in the “MultiSynth” module;
  • added “Module remapping” function (main menu -> edit -> remap);
  • fixed bug with relative note in the “MultiSynth”;
  • sunvox_config: added “zoom” option; you can use it for larger pixels on Linux devices with SDL, or on WinCE devices with RAW video driver; example of usage: zoom 2;
  • added new songs and simple examples;
  • many bugs fixed.

(gentleclockdivider) #22

Verry nice …
I wonder what the outcome would be if sunvox and renoise dev. joined forces

(4teenth) #23

Just downloaded this for my N900 (maemo) … Looks very interesting…

I downloaded renoise, with the plan to migrate to it from Octamed, which I was using emulated via WinUAE, but apart from a little playing around had not got very far…


(BamBooli) #24


(vV) #25

Open Renoise full screen, then watch the upper right corner.

(whippycranium) #26

I am so happy to hear that sunvox now has editstep!!! cant wait to see where sunvox is heading in future, excellent software. PORTABLE!!

(vincentvc) #27

It’s a clock actually.

Very nice new stuff since last time I checked. Vowel filter and the looper is pretty interesting! (aka welcome in Renoise as well.) ;)

(kazakore) #28

So is the thing in hte upper right corner of Renoise in Full Screen mode! :P

(Dr. Drips) #29

Hey, Always nice to see other N900 users.
I also have sunvox on there, but i’m still a bit new to it.
but very nice to see such a program on the Maemo platform!

I also came from Amiga I used protracker and at the end Digibooster Pro on some weird but fast Qnx based emulator.
I actual packed all my DBM (digi booster modules) to XM and went over to Renoise and never looked back.
But maybe it was easier for me because in 2001 Renoise wasn’t such a powerfull beast it is now.

(vincentvc) #30

A clock with the time… to know how late it is. :P

(vV) #31

You really don’t get it do you?
Full Screen is only Full Screen when hitting either Alt-Enter or the most right button here:

You then get to see a system clock.

(Jalex) #32

Alexandr respect for your work.

(kazakore) #33


On the left you have Song Position time, in the middle you see CPU usage, on the Right is the CURRENT TIME!

(vincentvc) #34

soz, never set Renoise in fullscreen mode. :unsure:

(loimi) #35

First time I’ve tried this, it’s cute! Very visual and I like buzz-like routing.

(vV) #36

Surprize… Easteregg… :)

(It-Alien) #37

Renoise should always be in fullscreen mode. You should not be allowed to run any other software while using it :)

(NightRadio) #38

New track made in SunVox:

(pirate utopia) #39

Something new to learn every day : ) I wanted these features!

(NightRadio) #40

SunVox v1.6.2 is out!

What’s new:

  • quantization noise is reduced by 4 times (on smartphones and pocket computers);
  • added Lo-Fi (fixed point) SunVox versions for slow computers (only for Win32 and Linux x86);
  • improved sound quality of the following modules: Generator, SpectraVoice;
  • new Generator waveforms: half-sine (6); abs-sine (7); pulse-sine with duty cycle (8);
  • added copy and paste of modules;
  • added new control “Velocity” to MultiSynth module;
  • added ASIO support (for Windows only);
  • now Sampler can record signals from another modules; just connect some output module (Generator, for example) to the Sampler and press the “Rec”, “Rec mono” or “Rec LoFi” button under the Sampler controllers; “Rec” - record stereo; “Rec mono” - record mono; “Rec LoFi” - record mono with reduced sampling frequency;
  • added base MIDI IN/OUT in versions for Linux (ALSA), OSX and iOS (CoreMidi), Windows (MM);
  • supported MIDI IN commands: NoteON/OFF;
  • supported MIDI OUT commands: NoteON/OFF; Control Change; Program Change; Bank Select;
  • use controllers with number 80+X to send MIDI Control Change; where the X is MIDI Controller Number; for example: 8100 8000 - set Modulation (MSB and LSB) to the max value;
  • added Input module for audio receiving from microphone or line-in; at the moment only iOS supported; the Input for other systems will be available in the next releases;
  • iOS: added D-pad for more precise cursor positioning in the pattern editor;
  • iOS: added Audio Copy/Paste (Intua Audio Sharing); Sonoma compatible; Where to find: Main menu -> Export/import -> Copy/Paste;
  • iOS: added multitouch support to Touch Theremin;
  • iOS: added multitouch support to piano keyboard;
  • added Preferences (in the Main menu);
  • templates support (in the Preferences);
  • fixed bug with overload of EQ module;
  • added new songs and instruments (samples);
  • many bugs fixed.