⮚ Renoise 3.3.1 and Redux 1.2.1 bugfix release


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  • fixed: Possible crash in Cubase Pro on OSX when opening a Cubase project where Redux GUIs are initially open

Thank you

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Thank you so much taktik :slight_smile:

Excellent! Nice one taktik

Nice, thanks!

So happy to see new Renoise versions being released :slight_smile: I will definitely be renewing my license after 4.0!! I want to support this development!

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Roland cloud synths (multiple instances without sandbox crashing renoise/each other) still exists in 3.3.1 on macos.

A post was split to a new topic: OSX: AVA plugins (legacyQ) don’t restore their settings in songs

Thank you so much for keeping Renoise updated and relevant! Although I assume we can also thank Corona to give you more time for developing our favourite tracker from the safety of your home. :wink:

I really need Renoise to keep making music. I’ve used Propellerhead Reason for around 10 years, until I decided I desperately need fresh workflow and input. I had outgrown its sound and possibilities after a decade, and at that time it could not handle VST plugins. But I wanted to explore that world of fresh tools and content, so I left Reason. Later, it got VST support, but I hated the new UI and the performance was terrible. What used to be a rock-solid, reliable workhorse DAW also became less stable.

I have searched for so many years now to find a proper replacement, a tool, more an environment that suits my workflow, is fun to explore, reliable and inspires me. I have literally bought around 12 DAWs in those years, and none could really satisfy me. Often it is the UI that doesn’t click with me or I learned to downright hate. Sometimes it is bugs and performance issues. But from all those DAWs I have tried and bought, Renoise is the most inspiring, satisfying tool for me. My main thing is sample-based workflow, and the UI is just so perfect for my geeky mind. It looks like Star Trek, is super quick and inspiring to work with, and it just works.

The last few updates brought everything I needed in terms of features. Time-stretching, HiDPI support and now proper side chaining. Absolutely on point. The very last thing I would require is a proper GPU accelleration for the Mac build. On my 27" iMac with its 5k display, the framerate is utterly terrible, it really is unusable for me. All while it FLIES on my super duper retro cheapo Acer Extensa 5630EZ with Linux (elementary OS) on it. Thing is, I have all my awesome VST plugins on the Mac, it is my studio machine. I want Renoise to run well over there, too. Please make it happen, you can do it! <3


@whitewolfmusic Dumb question on my part, but it’s always one thing I had to change on my Mac to get Renoise to move quicker (2018 Mac Mini)

“Did you try the sRGB IEC61966-2.1 or the general RGB color profile for all your monitors?”

That worked for me. Your mileage may vary.


OH MY GOD. You just saved Renoise on Mac for me. I normally use the calibrated “iMac” color profile, because I also do photography and edit on the Mac. The framerate of the Renoise UI is like 20 fps with this, I just switched to sRGB and it runs pretty fine! Thank you, brother.



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Taktik is my daw daddy. Thank you for keeping Renoise sexy.