⮚ Renoise 3.3.2 and Redux 1.2.2 bugfix release


This is a tiny bugfix update only. See below for the changes.

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Thank you, @taktik !

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Big up. Any bug fix release is a good release for somebody somewhere. Might be me one day.


Is it the same as beta?


Thanks man!

I must say, I was switching back and forth between Renoise and Ableton. Then I started to do the whole track in Renoise and do the mixdown in Ableton, but the last tracks I finished are completely arranged and mixed in Renoise. I don’t use Ableton anymore. Don’t know why I think you find this interesting though :slight_smile:

Anyway thanks, I love Renoise.


I am switching betwen renoise and reaper. And if i work in reaper, i use redux inside of it. I render some sounds and import them into redux…

Me too. But I didn’t mixdown in Ableton. I tried it in Renoise first and i liked it. Sounds amazing.

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Hey I noticed that this release, and there’s no archive of Redux at all) isn’t listed on Archived Releases | Renoise or Release Notes | Renoise. I’m evaluating DAWs at the moment and almost wrote off Renoise and Redux because the info there was out of date, I don’t want to start out with something not maintained. From the forum it seems like it’s just the website that’s not updated, not the software.