⮚ Renoise 3.3 and Redux 1.2 released

Thank you so much Taktik! Jan 3rd was actually my birthday but I only found out now.

Thank YOU @taktik ! VST3 support and sidechaining are sending Renoise to another level. Renoise is very complex! :+1::sparkling_heart:

BTW the sidechain tutorial video is very useful and professional!

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Many thanks!!

Waves shell v10 Win 10 64bit crashes for me (locks up scanning) - I just deleted the Waves Shell VST3 for now (hardly ever use my waves plugs nowadays anyway)

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Ive had nothin but probs with waves shell for some time now, so much so I stopped using waves stuff.

2 posts were split to a new topic: Windows: Roland Cloud VST3 plugins crash when instantiated multiple times

I’ve used 3.3 for a few days now and I’m experiencing several plugins crashing every now and then (not often, but several times a day and way more often than on the previous version) they don’t even have to be VST3 plugins, especially Best Service Engine 2.7 is very unstable, I might hear a loud pop and then that instrument doesn’t work anymore, If I clear the instrument slot and load Engine 2, Renoise might crash by just suddenly disappearing. I’ve had also plugins crash after a render, especially NI Kontakt and EastWest Play and some Waves VST3 plugins.

Report the problem in the help, support & bugs forum with used OS and steps to replicate if possible. A copy of the contents of the log file also helps. Access the folder where the log file is in through the help tab in Renoise.

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i love renoise! great update ! thx so much

I just installed 3.3 and VST3s weren’t showing up, which I thought was weird since VST3s are a big feature for this update…

Went to settings… Noticed VST3 box was unchecked… Checked VST3 box… Great success. :space_invader:


I watched the sidechain video by achenar on youtube yesterday and needed far too long to realize, that he is talking about a new renoise version :smiley:

I don’t even use vsts that much but I already had plenty of fun playing with the new sidechaining device.
happy new year to the devs and everyone else :boom:

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Holy shit check the backstage!

Thank you.


So how much less resources do the VST 3 plugins use or is it not that much lower?

I think I’ve got the same Waves & VST3 problem here, on WaveShell1-VST3 10.0.vst3 - which I notice it was trying to access as 32-bit? I kept waiting, and Windows Explorer crashed (!), but it did finally move on to WaveShell1-VST3 10.0_x64.vst3. I can see it doing something, memory use climbs about 3MB at a time to over 2500MB memory used. I’ve got Horizon, so I do have a ton of plugins, but that does look like a memory leak. Reaper 6 handles it ok though.

EDIT: Yup, let it run again, it ignored WaveShell1-VST3 10.0_x64.vst3 this time due to me clicking End Task… but when Renoise tried to load WaveShell3-VST3 10.0.vst3 (->32-bit) on the next launch, this time it did the thing where Renoise displays the critical bug error and crashes out. Now that I’ve gone through that scan process multiple times, it looks like VST3 v12 Waves plugins are loading. Trying to run a v10 VST3 32-bit plugin though (like CLA Vocals) causes a Renoise Crash when I launch the About screen in the plugin.

Thank you for this fantastic update! Long live Renoise.

I’m pretty late, but BIG THANKS :+1: for VST3 and sidechaining support. That’s indeed great news. Will check it out ASAP. Glad to see that new features are implemented.

thank you very much ! wanted sidechaining feature for so long. thank you ! :pray:


See Windows: Very slow scanning and memory leak when scanning Waves9 VST3 shell please.

This issue seems to affect Waves 9 and Waves 10 it seems and is going to be fixed soon.


Thanks taktik! I’m sorry you have to keep dealing with Waves Shell drama, but I appreciate it. And I’m really surprised Waves haven’t given you free Horizon / Mercury licences - all the Waves plugins I’ve bought are because I use them with Renoise. I wouldn’t have spent as much money with Waves if it wasn’t for your work!

Back on topic, VST3 is a big help, maybe now I can try making my own VST plugins. Wasn’t much point when Steinberg wouldn’t give out VST2 licences, I’d only be making VSTs to use with my favorite Renoise! :smiley:

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Thanks for the Linux XDG compliant filesystem updates. Much appreciated.