Windows: Roland Cloud VST3 plugins crash when instantiated multiple times

Is anyone else having problems with renoise crashing upon loading an second instance of the same vst3 plugin ? I am having this problem with zenology.

Yes, I have just tested a second instance of Zenology on Windows x64. It indeed crashes Renoise. I can reproduce this pretty much with any Roland Cloud VST3 plugin (I’ve tried Jupiter-8, JV1080 and D-50 as well) while VST3 plugins from other vendors don’t have this issue. I’m reporting this with clean logs.

Edit: bug report is sent out.

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I’ve reported this to Roland and we’re working together with them on a solution for this.

In the meantime, you can enabled the “Run all plugins in sandboxes” preferences option in Renoise to avoid this error. See Renoise -> Preferences -> Plugins/Misc ->

It works in Windows, but it depends on the speed of your net. If you’re citizen in Germany it’s most likely not working in rural areas or in Dresden (and similar cities) in skyscrapers, esp. when using hotspots of Vodafone or providers like it. You may want to try it by using your cellphone as the provider of your lan (but be sure to check your amount of GB streaming before). However, I`m able to run the Roland cloud using the cellphone.
You can determine your net speed via or else. Don’t trust your local provider, because he will always betray you. Reclaim your rights!


For such cases I would love to see the sandbox working on a granular / per plugin level, not only all or nothing. I think it is already capable of this, only needs not to overwrite the boolean in the table while scanning.

@taktik Does it require an Zenology update for usage with Renoise 3.3.1?

I’m not taktik, but I have originally reported this bug for

Roland Cloud Manager 2.5.9
Zenology Pro 1.5.2
D-50 1.0.9

With Renoise 3.3.1, the problem is fixed and I haven’t updated Zenology since then. So no, a Zenology update is not required.

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I guess then the problem isn’t fixed for Zenology on macos, since it crashes the same way, as soon as more than one instance of zenology vst3 is added. I only 've seen it on a computer of a friend of a friend. @taktik

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