Renoise 3.3 fails to scan WaveShell1-VST3 10.0_x64.vst3

New install of Renoise 3.3, stuck on the splash screen, scanning ‘WaveShell1-VST3 10.0_x64.vst3’…
I’ve tried deleting the VST cache files in appdata, didn’t help.
Scanning VST2 versions of the same plugin works fine.

As a workaround it would be nice to have an option to manually disable loading certain plugins.
At this point my only options are either to uninstall the Waves plugins completely, or just delete/rename the VST3 versions. It helps in the case of Renoise, but I’d like to keep the VST3 versions for using in other hosts.

All my Waves VST3 plugins work fine here. Had no problems scanning the x64 VST3 WaveShells v12.0.
Maybe the problems are just with the 10.0 version. You could try to run Renoise in admin mode (if not already done). This can solve a lot problems. Maybe this helps.

See Windows: Very slow scanning and memory leak scanning Waves9&10 VST3 shell please

This happens in Waves 9&10 shells only. A fix for this is in the queue.

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