► Renoise 3.4.0 & Redux 1.3.0 released

this solves the sluggish-graphics issues on my Mac! I no longer need to change my display settings to sRGB every time I want to use Renoise – awesome!


Nice thanks

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Awesome! Thank you!

Thank youTaktik, this is fantastic!

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what are the requirements for Metal on OSX?

It’s always confused me. I have a Mac Pro that runs 10.11 just fine, but most Mac fanboy sites say Metal needs a newer computer/correct GPU to work properly.

Would 3.4 still run without Metal support?

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No more crackles when I bypass a send device ? mamamia, that’s dope !
I’ll also enjoy midi timings a lot ! Big thanks to the renoise team !

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Even empty one.

AFAIK Metal2 here requires at least 10.13.6. Which GPU is it?

Btw. this new feature

might actually quite drastically improve the audio performance under macos. I rebenchmarked my old system using the Rebench-x256 template and have way better performance (intel i7). Also I now can replay projects with 8-20ms which required 40ms before. I would be curious, if you also see performance improvements?

Benchmarking 3.3 vs 3.4 under Windows might be interesting, too!


That’s super cool ! Many thanks :slight_smile:

Cool! Many thanks!

Downloading now…

Congratulations on the release !

Wow, that was unexpected. Great to see keeping Renoise updated for the latest tech! Downloading now.

Renoise minimum requirements say 10.11 so it can’t be Metal2

I have an Nvidia Geforce 8800 GT i think, in this machine:

Just when I started to use more renoise again. Love ya @taktik

This very likely will work. Simply give it a try.

Please note that Metal rendering only is enabled by default when Renoise starts the first time on a Retina screen. Else it’s very likely that you don’t need it, cause the old CoreGraphics rendering will be fast enough. You can then enable it it Renoise’s preference GUI pane manually to test it.

In case Metal isn’t supported by your HW/MacOs version, Renoise will fall back to CoreGraphics automatically.

We got one case reported where Meta was supported by the system, but was slow as hell and produced weird GFX errors. This was on a MacBook with and Intel Iris Pro on OSX 10.14. In this case metal support needed to be disabled manually.


Thanks @taktik. I should have checked first as i could have guessed you would do something clever and useful like put in a menu option :wink:

Thank you so much for adding ARM support; I bought my Pi 4 with the intention of using it for music, that plan fell by the wayside, the Pi gathered dust, and having Renoise makes the idea a lot more appealing again. No issues with it so far!