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Big thanks for all the feedback, bug-hunting, suggestions and all the other help we got during the last months. This beta was quite a ride.
Beta bug reports and help & suggestion forums got merged into the regular forums now.

As announced with the r3 beta testing start we’ll now start concentrating on Redux, but first take a deep breath and then start with the remaining work for Redux and organize the upcoming Redux beta.

If you’re interested in Redux and want to be notified as soon as Redux beta testing starts, you can subscribe to our Redux newsletter if you haven’t already done so.

Have fun with the new release!


Congrats, and thank you team for the hard work :drummer:

Thank you guys! happy tracking!

Congratulations! and happy tracking!

thank you!!!

I like the new startup dialog for loading.

well done people, it`s been emotional



Congrats to the devs ,

Now let’s

Have fun with Renoise 3 !

Thanks, Renoise team.

I like Renoise 3 a lot.

And I really like the feature, which was not in the Beta versions of Renoise 3 that I used, but which is in the final release version of Renoise 3, of having the Instruments Box (and the Scopes/Spectrum panel) showing in the Instrument (Sampler, Plugin, MIDI) view modes. It makes things much more intuitive for me. It makes the workflow much better for me. And now, because, with this feature implemented, I don’t have to open the Disk Browser panel in order to view the Instruments Box in Instrument (Sampler, Plugin, MIDI) view modes, this feature being implemented solves the problem that I was having about the Pattern Sequence Matrix size/width changing (getting smaller) when I would switch from Edit/Mix view modes to Instrument (Sampler, Plugin, MIDI) view modes (when the Disk Browser would be open in the Instrument (Sampler, Plugin, MIDI) view modes and would, as I have liked to keep it, not be open in the Edit/Mix view modes). Thanks.

And thanks to Vozka who responded to, and clarified, a bug report that I posted, and who, I think, thus much helped solve the bug which I reported in that bug report, and which was a bug that was giving me trouble and which the solving of was very helpful to me. Thanks.

And thanks to all of the Beta testers.


And especially:

Thanks, taktik.

And, again:

Thanks to the whole Renoise team.

Edit again:

I just realized that the Instruments Box (and Scopes/Spectrum) pane may have been viewable in the Instrument (Sampler/Plugin/MIDI) view modes in Beta versions of Renoise 3 that I used but that I just didn’t see that that was the case.

However, in any case, thanks again for Renoise.

Yes …
Long beta indeed …
…writings on the wall …

Congratulations .



Awesome! :dribble: :drummer: