► Renoise 3 goes gold

(fladd) #21

Well, although I am not that happy with the sudden final release and a lot of issues/finetunings not being addressed, I would still like to congratulate you!
I really hope though, that all the open issues will not be forgotten.

(lowkey) #22

Cant wait to dive into the manual to see what I’ve missed :D
This is a BEAST of a sampler!

ps Will it be possible to copy and paste between Renoise and Redux?

(Djeroek) #23

1st tracker to officially reach 3.0 :drummer:

Congratz all.

(Elsekiss) #24

Every time…

(fedexnman) #25

Congrads and now the price goes up , ah crap … I just started the 2.8 demo this last weekend , looks as if Ill demo 3.0 now . Im totally not used of a Tracker but Ill get the hang of it eventually , anyways its kind of a break from the regular audio singer songwriter stuff I do so its kind of fun , maybe Ill buy it by May 1st , congrads again.

(nykk deetronic) #26

Thank you very very much :) Looks and works beautifully!

Now what you need is - an kick ass video on Youtube showing what’s Renoise, what’s new, why Renoise… and show the best part, like any trailer for good product.
I was just looking how FL was well presented in few short trailers. People will be amazed and intrigued if you create good video.

(Mivo) #27

Congratulations, and thanks for all the hard work and dedication! :)

(Akiz) #28

Yeah, dubstep trap promo video is a must :lol:

(fladd) #29

What happened to the instrument library?

(taktik) #30

Postponed to the Redux release. Will get into Renoise then as well…

(Akiz) #31

I am reminding it cause i think it is little forgotten but should get into redux and renoise 3.1.
I know there is a lot of things that could be reminded but this one looks very easy to implment to me and very important for sampler.

(Paurini) #32

Happy Birthday!


Congrats! And thanks for all your hard work!

(atype808) #34

Congratulations Renoise! Thanks for being so fricken brilliant. :drummer:

(alek) #35

(TheBellows) #36


Gold it is! Great work devs! :drummer:

(Cie) #37

the popup window with quick loading latest songs is great! :)

(psn) #38

Congratulations to the developers!

(florian) #39

(ReverendEntity) #40