Renoise 3 speculation thread

Oh NO!!!AGAIN???

Ok… Renoise 3.0 or girl #3 from the left. Hard decision. :huh:

This thread is about kitten, isn’t it? Those are atomic! :wacko:/>

I wouldn’t mind either one (nu.renoise or girl 1, 2 or 3) :D

Now that’s a sales pitch.

So when is it going to happen (not that I am missing new features, I still have barely scratched the surface …)?

According to my earlier try of a prediction, which failed mostly, the next release should have been (in worst case)
in May: Renoise 3 speculation thread

But we haven’t even entered the beta testing yet, so I guess we will have to fill much more pages in this thread
until we can file beta bug reports :dribble: So we look at one of the three longest release cycles until now.
But that may not be in connection with features, as 2012 was a rough year for many people I know.

As much as i would like to see the Beta come forth (or any news for that matter) I am perfectly happy with Renoise as it sits now. But let’s examine; Renoise 2.0 was a huge transition for Renoise. It became more… “Accessible” With the introduced pattern matrix. If they introduce the loved/hated piano roll or extensive Live PA features the response may be epic, So epic, they are probably preparing more for the flocks of new users then actually updating Renoise, In a way I believe it has been done. They just have to prepare the business for the exponential growth.

They better watch out and be careful not to release anything epic. Epic stuff could lead to dangerous burdens and cause some serious damage to a nice little hobby such as developing Renoise. ;)

Exponential growth? That might uproot and kill tracker idealism. Let’s not rock the boat here… or wish for it.

I hope this year. But who knows.

I hope an updated renoise will come before the world war 3…

It would be nice if Renoise 3 has a Vocoloid in it.

As long as it doesn’t cause it.

cast incantation

waits for the dark forces to bring time-stretching