Renoise 3 speculation thread

I like the way the person with the PC is looking at the Mac version of the same thing, as if with envy.

Can’t wait for April Fools’ Day… <_<

Renoise won’t be released today.


I d rather guess, new version will be released tomorrow with the most incredible long wanted features, but nobody believes it and this thread will go on forever…

Holy shit everybody check the backstage!

VERY funny! :mellow:


Holy shit everybody check the backstage again! For real this time!

screw you! <_</ :lol:

Just kidding the Renoise Team hates you.

checks anyway

^_^ (yes! useless emoticon posted [daily goal reached])

hahahahahaha!!! like anyone’s gonna fall for that! :D :D

checks backstage again

Wow when i open my backstage acount i have a bug, now i have a license to version 99.
Amazing!!! THNX!!!

No smiling lolcats today?

He just waits for May.

what’s May <_<

after april