Renoise API Bug? app_idle_observable:add_notifier causing permanent IO access?

Found something interesting. When a tools is adding an idle notifier, Renoise is heavily accessing the folder of the tool. I used process monitor to check it:

Source code of the tool:

local app =
local tool = renoise.tool()

local function appIdleEvent()

tool:add_menu_entry {
name = “Main Menu:Tools:App idle trigger …”,
invoke = function()
if not tool.app_idle_observable:has_notifier(appIdleEvent) then

com.duftetools.Test.xrnx (619 Bytes)

Maybe its related to this issue: Slow plugin loading (previously worked fine )

This comes from chdir, so it’s not really creating/reading a file but switching the current working dir for the Renoise process.

We always do set the current working dir to the tool’s bundle directly before calling into a scripting tool, to make relative imports work. If we wouldn’t, lua requires with relative paths would fail.

I don’t think that this is causing the Slow plugin loading issue, as the original author also has the problem when all tools are disabled.

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