Renoise Appearence On Tv

LIE TO ME tv series, season 2, episode 3.

Yups, familiar.

thats a nice theme btw, maybe it was the default of that version. too bad i’m not very good with the skin editor, i wont be able to recreate it.

I love the LFO Device on the Distortion, modulating the ‘none’ parameter. Also the left/right view on a mono sample. Pure brilliance.

This reminds me of the perl obfuscation contest that ConnerBW showed me years ago… man I’m going back a long way. Makes me think of a renoise contest: most confusing and pointless FX chain. The FX chain should actually accomplish something… but it should be as stupid and confusing as possible.

I’d lose, because I usually don’t have more than a few FX on my tracks… I get confused too easy. =)

Not even the Impulsetracker theme, pfff