Renoise On "Lie To Me"

I was just watching Lie to Me s2e03 when i saw a strangely familiar voice pattern analyzer…

ha! It makes me wonder how exactly it was implemented. recorded screencast with some additional editing? It would be even better if it were actually renoise being used live for the scene :)

haha, that’s hilarious!


Thats was cool!

Check it out mates.

Hilarious, though pretty lazy from the motion graphic department… :P

This is at around 27:50 in the episode…

“Speech pattern is back to baseline… he’s probably telling the truth.”

I really can’t stand these cheesy shows with all the ridiculous ‘science’ and forensics, but this was pretty amusing :)

Edit: Ah… vincentvc beat me :)


“renoise looks sexy”

Saw this on twitter.

Renoise filling in as a voice pattern analyzer in ‘Lie to Me’

What the?

“Lie To Me” is an American TV series. In the show, Dr. Cal Lightman (Tim Roth) and his colleagues in The Lightman Group accept assignments from third parties (commonly local and federal law enforcement), and assist in investigations, reaching the truth through applied psychology.

Can’t find Suva’s post, but this is a reply to it:

How would rupert murdoch respond to something like this if it dropped on his doorstep?

Anyway, Fox did a great advertising for Renoise and they made first Renoise debut on TV screen!
Do you know such precedent about another DAW’s? I don’t :confused:


unaltered versions of ableton live have been used a lot.

Fox is the same people that canceled firefly and TSCC, some of their tv series picks are good like prison break but,
also the same people that propagate very psychotic subjective interpretations of current global news and policy everyday to americans.
giving the americans a determined sense of will to go really fuck over other countries, for really no reason at all.

Oh wow, that’s funny and pretty cool.

Where do I get that script.

haha a pimped version of renoise

Hello, my name is Edward Mueller. Why did you take my copyrighted music software, hack into it, and modify the interface just to make a simple voice pattern analyzer?

I think this is a clever fake.

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