Renoise approach to controller assigns

New to RN, and digging into the manual…
I’m big on controllers and assignments but I’m wondering something before I go whole hog into a mapping frenzy: To what extent (if at all?) are assignments dynamic? I get that there are dsps, instruments, vsts, transport, gui, etc, that need to be mapped at least once to set up. But can types of objects (dsps, instruments, vsts, etc) become proxies for specific instances? IOW, as all track dsps have the same controls, mapping once should cover all instances and specific trk-control is dependent on focus, yes?

If so, does it also follow that the same MIDI controller can control two different object-types and be dependent on focus as to what is being manipulated (or automation recorded) at any given moment?

As an example, if I call up a sample-instrument on Trk1 and a virtual synth on Trk2, I’d like to configure, say a Nanokontrol, to quickly be able to adjust sample/instrument envelopes by moving sliders/knobs, then change focus to the synth, and using the same Nanokontrol, start adjusting parameters on the synth. Are assignments ‘dynamic’ in that way?

I’d love to get to the point where all I need to do is move the cursor around and all my controllers would ‘follow’ cursor-focus and be able to make adjustments to any/all sound-shaping parameters available on any given object.

To what extent is that possible in Renoise?


If you manually map midi cc’s to parameters, they are fixed (songwise), however tools like Duplex allow such a dynamic mapping, you might want to inspect that one and see if it already has a mapping for your midi controller available and if not completely to your taste, if you can change the layout or choices to adapt the configuration to your needs.

Thanks, vV, I will definitely look at Duplex more closely (the Tools page has already been a major focus of my attention, having already installed some of cas’ tools as well as your GetPluginParams…the scripting extensibility of the RN environment is a major reason why I jumped over from Logic…don’t ever give that up, guys!)

Now, I’m off to get a Launchpad…