Renoise Apps-Page?

Where is the page where you could download for example flicflac, and many other xrns modification tools?

I really don’t remember the name of the page, it was “renoise resources” , “renoise addons” , or something…

Is it removed or am I just blind


I think you mean the xrns-php project.

Bear in mind a lot of them are out of date due to changes in song structure and the fact most can be done with LUA in a more integrated way. If you check the sub-forum it’s in that is where and new or updated offline tools should go.

I do personally still use the Random Sample tool for generating sample packs for DDRC on a very regular basis though ;)

I also couldn’t find the page on the site outside of the forum it used to be on…

I mean that (xrns-php project) and all the other interesting things that were on that page. Just wondering because I never really had time to dig deeper in to them. It was visually interesting page, apps were represented nicely.

But maybe part of them are in “Renoise XML Fileformats & Tools” forum.

I edited the original topic from “Renoise Addons?” to “Renoise Apps-Page?”. Because I think the addres was

You can see an old archived copy of the old Apps page here:

We decided to remove this page when switching to the new website, just to clean things up a bit. Many of the programs were either outdated and did not support the latest versions of Renoise, or they were restricted to a single platform/os, etc. Pretty much all of them were created before we introduced the Lua scripting API in Renoise 2.6, so many of the programs could be (or have already been) replaced by an equivalent tool which can do the job even better, etc.

For any developers who want to extend Renoise’s functionality or create useful musical generators and gizmos, Lua tools are the way forward now.