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I have put in a request for xrns-php which will be reviewed by SourceForge.net staff in the next two business days

xrns-php, licensed as “public domain” will be used to consolidate all areas of activity and maintain a centralized repository for scripts which could be used standalone at the prompt (on OS X or Linux, for example) or dropped into the Windows front-end by doing a simple cvs check-out.

The idea is to maintain a centralized repository representing the structure of the /scripts/ directory as seen in XRNS Script Frontend. This will allow various developers to work from the same pile, so that we don’t have to keep bugging each other, or package, prepare and upload incremental versions to see what is going on. It will also be easier for developers to submit patches, work on their own sandboxes versions of the scripts without permanently ruining working versions, etc.

Also, once I get this set up properly, I will announce it on Freshmeat. This will give a traffic boost for Renoise and show the open source world that our community is not vaporware.

I’d like Beatslaughter and Bantai to join as project administrators and developers. If you don’t have SourceForge accounts, please create them? You can also freely reject this offer. I’m also looking for volunteers to maintain the xrns-php.sf.net page, once it gets approved, sort of like http://xrns-lib.sourceforge.net/ ?

I think it’s time to consolidate the efforts. We got something good going here. With actual sourcecode to show for it, I think this can grow beyond the reaches of this forum. And if not, well at least it will be easier to maintain and pass on, etc.

Feedback please?

Probably not the type of feedback you were after, but I’d like to express thanks and amazement at the work you guys are doing.

Sounds indeed good. If there is room, i’d also be willed to open source the frontend code. Doesn’t fit into the “scripts” dir only though. Can’t make a final decision on administrating anything yet, as i got involved into something today and i don’t know exactly how much time this will need.

While I think the whole SourceForge thing is a good idea, I’d be worried about the maintenance of a separate Wiki for knowledge sharing. I just had a look at http://xrns-lib.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page and the last “News” update is from October 25 last year. This sort of thing always leaves me with the impression that the project is either dead or doesn’t attract much interest. From my experience Wiki’s start off well but usually stagnate because there’s little else to draw people back to them once they’ve learnt whatever they need to know to get started.

I got interested in the whole XML/PHP thing from reading the threads on this forum, which I visit to read other Renoise news and to learn tips from others, so I check the “Development” section as part of my daily visit to this site. I think it would be a better idea to keep the documentation plus discussions here, possibly as a sub-forum (if the Admins of this board are OK with that). I think you’d attract a lot more regular traffic/interest that way.

I’d be happy to help out where I can, though my knowledge of PHP/XML is too limited at the moment to be of much use.



Better to learn from past experiences and expose all development projects in subforums here.

Well, we were fast tracked or something…


It’s ready.

I will commit the scripts from XRNS Fronted shortly.

Devs, please hook me with your Sourceforge accounts so I can add you.

Hello all. I’ve created two modules:

xrns-php : for the PHP scripts, under the /scripts/ directory, compatible with xrns script frontend (xrns-sf).
xrns-sf : for the xrns-sf source code, this is an empty module for Beatslaughter.

Instructions regarding Sourceforge CVS are here:

Please hook me up with your accounts so you can commit your code, etc.

Looking for a volunteer who wants to maintain the webpage. Straight up HTML good times.


Pages to be stored in CVS here:


Great! Let me know if I can do something to push/support this thing.

Cool! Do you have a SourceForge account? I can add you to the project so you can make changes to the code, or modifying other aspects of the project. I know you are plenty busy, but if I set it up now and in 6 months you want to do something, at least it will be done.

My suggestions:

  • Add Bantai’s xrns2mid in xrns-php/scripts/
  • Modify the current scripts structures to use the /scripts/schemas/ directory as seen in xrns2mid
  • Add the front end sourcecode of xrns-sf to /xrns-sf/
  • Package xrnsf-sf 1.02 and host it as a download on SourceForge
  • Update the http://xrns-php.sourceforge.net page with credits, links to third party stuff (anyone want to join the project as webmaster? :) )
  • Announce it on Freshmeat

Beatslaughter, Bantai, others, if Public Domain is not a suitable license, please suggest another:




Both added, both admins. Thanks.

Feel free to check in your code and work using the system. It’s been a while, but at one point I had 2 active projects hosted on SourceForge and it was a breeze to work with their CVS / SSH shell system. Just a matter of getting the hang of it. Read their docs, they are quite extensive.

My CVS Client is : http://www.heilancoo.net/MacCVSClient/

Here’s a mini tutorial on “CVS Version Control for Web Site Projects” : http://durak.org/cvswebsites/


I’d be fine with either LGPL or GPL.

My account: http://sourceforge.net/users/beatslaughter

Also found a tutorial on this CVS thing for Windows users.

Added, also admin.

Files finally uploaded, took me a while to get cvs working here. Using TortoiseCVS now. :)

Ok, so far so good. I made the modifications to the code, update your sandboxes. So, this is where we are at.

sftp -> xrns-php.sourceforge.net
your user/password
upload the files
Optionally, set up rsync?

I put it there to store the page(s) and allow multiple people to edit, as you just did now, saving me the actual work of doing it myself :)

Sorry, should be fixed now. (chmoded to 775)

drwxrwsr-x 3 dummy xrns-php 4096 Aug 23 11:26 .  
drwxrwsr-x 4 dummy xrns-php 4096 Aug 22 13:10 ..  
drwxrwxr-x 2 conner_bw xrns-php 4096 Aug 22 17:59 images  
-rw-r--r-- 1 bantai xrns-php 3173 Aug 23 11:12 index.html  

Also, you are the only one with permissions on the index.html file at the moment.

The most important thing to know about CVS revisions is that in general you should never pay attention to them at all. CVS revisions are the version numbers that CVS assigns to files. All files in CVS have a corresponding revision, and whenever you commit a change, the revision number of the changed files is incremented. By default, revision numbers start at 1.1, and the second digit is incremented with each commit (becoming 1.2, 1.3, and so on). CVS will never by default increment the first digit; it will happily go on to revisions like 1.134.

I’ve never used CVS to do versions. Versions happens in packaging (zipping the file and releasing it), it is arbitrarily based on whatever you call it at the time. We could use tags, but I usually just roll back by date.