Renoise Based Audio-video Step Sequencer

Completely awesome…

Those thinking about getting a launch pad for Renoise, I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to get it only for this purpose (because it’s made for Live) but I’m planning to make additional tools to use the Launch Pad in Renoise, such as a Slider patcher which will turn the buttons into sliders… and possibly some mute/unmute patcher a bit like this step sequencer that could work better with any song you make… like a scrollable version… so that might convince you to get it or not.

JBL just handed us everything on a silver plate! It looks like this thing is about as plug-and-playable as it can get, until we get proper scripting ^_^

@JBL: A couple of questions…

As I understand it, EVERYTHING sends midi on the Launchpad, even the “mixer”, “fx” etc. buttons, that could otherwise be interpreted as belonging on a “meta” level?
My other novation gear doesn’t have this level of midi integration, but if that’s true, it’s great news. The more buttons to mash, the better!

Also, I understand from the Ableton forum that you’re able to connect several Launchpads, to form a single unit. Do you know how this is implemented? What I’m thinking about is, if the Launchpads have some sort of special MIDI command that (for instance) could tell a unit that it’s currently #3 - and thereby making it send out CCs that are automatically offset to a higher index.
This would obviously not be possible with more than a few units before you run out of CC values, I guess that’s why the monome is OSC-based in the first place…

First, Renoise sends midi to my max msp patcher and the patcher sends midi to Renoise (and to the launch pad). Considering that not everything in renoise can send midi messages, not everything can communicate with the launch pad. (note to renoise devs here: I want Renoise to send more midi messages, like a “bang” based on the bpm, stuff like that… but I guess 2.6 will bring lots of new stuff for communication between softwares)

Considering that each launch pads have the same midi signal, I don’t think I could use more than 1 at the same time… unless I was using M4L I guess…

Looks awesome, but for some reason this is running with ridiculously high cpu to a point where it’s completely unusable for me :( no problems with 7up 2.0 or anything-responsive performance. I was wishing for this though… Hope it becomes possible.

hmm Really? high cpu?

Can you try without rewire?

basically just have the patcher and xrns open… press play in the xrns and the patcher should control the mute/unmute. it shouldn’t take much cpu since there’s almost nothing going on.

Ok cool :) Must be the rewire. barely at 4 % now.
With rewire it was 89% constant! Thanks JBL.

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I made a 64 (8x8) sliders patcher for the LaunchPad which can be used with Renoise! See the first thread for details.

Absolutely amazing. Thank you for making this. I have a Launchpad coming in the mail now and cannot wait to use this. I’m just blown away that it also included the ability to trigger video clips.

Right now it doesn’t trigger video clips. I’m gonna release this as a separate tool because it has nothing to do with the LaunchPad, it only receives notes from Renoise and triggers clips.

I’m glad you like the idea and please give me some feedback once you use it with the launch pad.

Also, I’m currently working on the touch osc version… which makes a monome version very possible in the next days as well… if there are requests for a monome version, let me know as I don’t have a monome (waiting for my 4 building kits)


Sounds and looks very promising!
I will try when I have bought the Controller… or try with another I already have soon.

For those who could be wondering about possible updates that would make this tool a bit more useful and just the experimental gadget that it is right now…

I got several other projects going on at the moment but I do not give up the idea as I’d love to use Renoise as a live performance audio-video tool with Max MSP. I’m currently working on a personal website and I’ll probably update my patchers and make them all available on my website.


hmm. i didn’t realize that this used MAX to integrate with renoise. in which case, it should be very possible to adapt this for use with a proper monome?



good luck with buidling a 256 monome dood! are you using sparkfun buttons? i just finished building a 64 arduinome, it’s at least double the size of the original 'nome. a 256 arduinome would be HUUUGE! :)

my (un-boxed) 'nome:

I’m going to use livid pads… I was part of a group buy on the monome website… I’m still waiting for the parts…

Until then, if someone knows max a little, it would be easy to replace my “LaunchPad midi to grid coordinate” in the patcher and add something that uses the monome osc language.

this patch looks pretty cool!

one suggestion: make an application version of it. when you build the runtime just select ‘save as application’ and it includes the runtime files in the folder… then you save people having to install the max runtime who don’t have it.

yeah, do this. i had the same idea yesterday. was thinking… wouldn’t it be great if there were a renoise for sequencing video clips and jpegs, complete with pattern effect commands. like a tracker for video, and instead of delays and reverbs you have colour devices and visual effects. then i realised you could do this with jitter just by streaming midi from renoise and using it to trigger images and control visual parameters. great for making visuals which sync perfectly to a track…

hey dood. without being too specific could you give me some rough pointers on where to begin with this? i’ve a mate that would be well into doing this for me i reckon. i presume you need full max to do this?

or would you mind if i asked on the monome forum if anyone was willing to help? i think there are some renoise heads over there… :)

I wouldn’t mind, please link me the thread too… I could contribute…

Actually, maybe I should make it and we discuss it there and maybe some other people who use max could join it…

but yeah we could chat maybe in the renoise irc, I’m often there. I could give you a start with max msp… basically you have to convert the monome osc signals into coordinates for a matrix grid. This very easy because the monome sends something like: monome\row\X\Y i don’t know what exactly the message is… but it’s easy to use “3\3” into “3 3 1” once you have routed the first part of the message with osc-route.

then the matrix grid is converted to midi and sent to renoise.

I could explain more in detail if we chat on #Renoise on