Renoise Based Audio-video Step Sequencer

hey. i don’t have max/msp and i don’t think i’ll be getting a licence anytime soon. unless i can get the eduction licence, but even then i’m saving up to get a copy of ableton first, so that puts buying max down the list somewhat… I’ll see if my friend will help me out. I know he used max in colllege, he may still have a copy. I’ll start a thread on the monome baord as well.

thanks dood :drummer: .

let’s see if anyone is interested!

i’ll download the max demo when i get a chance and dip in. I’ll give you a shout when i can dood. thanks.

I am currently checking out the demo, and am extremely new to renoise, but enjoying it so far. I have a launchpad so thought I would try this out, because it looks amazing. Anyways I cant get it to work, I get it all set up but then the patterns don’t loop back to the beginning after the 8th, it just keeps replaying the 8th over and over, and wont let me change any of the other settings besides the mutes. Before it hits the 8th skipping around works fine, but once it hits it, not at all.

Any help would be appreciated.


Sorry for the late reply, I should check this thread more often.

Does my patcher work? Does the launch pad mute/unmute work fine? I have two guesses for your problem.

  1. the last pattern was on loop mode (the launch pad controls renoise but renoise is still fully functionnal so everything else still work…) Ideally you want to loop the 8 patterns, if you reload my xrns without overwriting it, the 8 patterns should be looping by default.

  2. Rewire problem… well not a “problem” but a feature. go in renoise preferences and check the rewire options somewhere. I don’t have access to renoise atm but basically, you’re looking for some rewire option that will let renoise play whatever patterns it wants and will only sync play/stop and bpm.

good luck

Edit: just to make 2) simple and clean. What you want to check is:

When you boot Renoise as a rewire slave, go to Renoise preferences, audio tab, device setting, sync mode: You want bpm & bar sync rather than full transport… full transport won’t allow you to loop the 8 patterns.

I’m pretty sure this was your issue… I hope you enjoy both Renoise and my step sequencer… btw did you find out about Renoise because of my launch pad video?

Alright! it was the second issue, with the full transport thing.

this is fun to play with.

And yeah I saw the video and that combined with reading about the demo released, etc, I decided to try it. Well I like it, a lot, and bought it last night.


haha sweet!

Renoise should hire me!

bump maybe?

thanks for doing this! it is perhaps the biggest ‘feature’ that led me to buy a renoise license.

I kinda like to read stuff like this :)

Also, welcome to the forums.

Right now I know I haven’t updated the sequencer at all and all this looks dead, but don’t worry, I’m planning to turn this into a much more sophisticated tool… Right now the fact that it’s 8 steps makes it not very useful, I’m hoping to offer monome support as soon as I get my monome, I’ll obviously make sure that it also works MIDI devices such as the LaunchPad, APC40 and the Livid Instrument Ohm 64 and Block!

Still waiting for my Monome… damn the group buy is slow!

Will this also work on the iPad?

Using this?
iPhone Monome

Open source monome emulation created with MAX/MSP and the iphone/ipad app Remokon (OSC).

Currently, no.
Could it work? Yes

Once I get my monome, I’ll give up the launch pad idea and work mostly for the monome… that means anything that sends messages like a monome including touch osc and this app should work with Renoise.

Hey, just wanted to say that this is great. Creating some nice 2 step loops… refreshing to have a different workflow.

Very interested in the video clips idea

Bigup :lol:

When are more detailed instructions coming?

I’ve got an APC40 so if you need any testing I might be able to help :) (not that I have any idea what and how you are doing this :lol: )

Thanks a bunch! More cool stuff is coming, as soon as I get my 256 monome I’ll make a 16 steps version of the sequencer, thats gonna be way more useful!

Hmm meh I’m not currently working on the project because I’m waiting for the monome… which is taking ages.

However, if you pm me (or post them here actually) with questions I’ll gladly answer you and make sure the setup works with your own setup.

I don’t think I want to keep on working with the Launch Pad and/or APC or even with MIDI but if you need help setting up your APC40 and want to make a similar device, I could help you… or possibly make an APC40 version, I wonder if my patcher works with the APC40 straight out of the box, it only depends of two things: what midi message is sent by the APC and what messages need to be sent to the APC40 to have it light up different colors… I don’t have these informations.

Considering that the apc40 is a 8x5 grid… I won’t invest time in it… I already find that using a 8x8 is rather pointless for such project, that’s why I’m waiting for that.

Also, on another topic, the video triggering already works with max and all… my only issue is that it’s quite laggy and recording it makes it even worse, that’s why I did not upload a video of it… I’m working on a different way to work with video with Resolume instead…

That’s a great idea. Resolume Avenue looks very promising.

Yes, it’s good… but I think it lacks many keyboard shortcuts and commands that make it a lot of trouble to work with compared to other softwares… but once it’s setup and mapped, it runs much better than running the videos inside of max msp…

You know, max can do a lot of stuff, but sometimes I wonder why I’d build a custom sequencer and a custom video engine when I can use very good ones in other softwares… Max/MSP is just pro at making sure all your softwares, controllers, sensors, cameras, etc… work together.

hey, i don’t know if this interests you now, but I just finished a very reliable/accurate Max patch for triggering video offsets from midi. (it’s pretty simple too… see the pics)

The first one I made was based on counting through the QT frames and it was always a little off. So this one is based on timescale, just counting through the time integers with a metro. There’s a 3 octave keyboard there so you can make a simple cue list for the midi notes, which you can save.

I’d happy to send the patch to anybody interested.

here’s what the insides look like, and another of what it looks like using it alongside renoise on a single screen.