Renoise can't open AIFF audio files

I’ve bought a sample CD and the included samples come in .AIFF format. But it seems Renoise can’ topen them. I get the error message: “Windows DirectShow Audio: no decoder can handle the given audio file, or decoding failed (Internal Error: ‘Failed to render the graph [80040266]’).”

I wonder what’s the problem here? All the other programs that I regularly use (Audacity, Foobar, Reaper) are able to open these files without an error. I don’t think I had problems with .AIFF files before in Renoise either.

Here is the audio sample in question:

I can open it with Renoise 64bit v3.2.0 under Win10 without any error.
What version and what OS do you use?

Ah yes I forgot to mention that.

Renoise 3.1 and Windows 8 (you may laugh now)

But still, all the other AIFF files I have can be opened in Renoise. Just these ones can’t.
I can convert them in Audacity but it’s still annoying.

Not sure if this is the same issue since the error has the same text but a different code at the end, but check out this thread:

OP was also using Windows 8 (although an older version of Renoise). OP said their files had been corrupted while copying them. It’s possible that it’s some sort of error in the way they were encoded, burned, or coped from your CD…but there are also others that replied after OP updated with their solution that were still having issues (although they didn’t specify if they tried what OP did or if they were getting the same errors).

I can’t think of another solution if re-copying them doesn’t work. The only reference to that error code (other than a Microsoft document listing DirectShow error and success codes) that I could find on Google is the thread I mentioned earlier…so you might just be stuck converting your files before importing them to Renoise. :confused:

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