Windows DirectShow issues...HELP PLZ

my problem is that i cant load nor listen to certain samples from the renoise browser. it keeps saying:

"Windows DirectShow Audio: no decoder can handle the given audio file, or decoding failed (Internal Error: ‘Failed to render the graph [80040265]’).

BUT when i look for the files and drag them into renoise, it loads and plays fine. i have looked everywhere and found nothing about this.
i have installed direct filters, direct x, codecs, you name it…

i am running renoise 2.8.1 in windows 8. never had this issue in os x. right now im trying to run a certain wav file that wont read. help anyone?


mind sharing those?

its a bunch of them that wont play thru the renoise browser. here is one of them.
it loads and plays fine if i drag it from windows into renoise. but i should be able to listen and load it from the renoise browser. never had this issue before with my samples. had them for years…
every player i have plays it fine.

Found the issue. god i feel stupid for posting for something like this…

it seems that while i was transfering all my samples, it created “corrupted copies” of them. i decided to look into them and found the fully functional copies… sorry for posting in vain. can this thread be deleted?

having the same problem, except the audio files are coming straight from the OP-1. I plug in the OP-1, it pops up in the in the renoise browser, when I try to open the audio files it gives me the same error message. the files open fine in audacity. on windows 8.

btw, audacity identifies the files as aif/sgi

anyone figure this out? dragging and dropping the file doesn’t work for me. would be so nice to be able to import directly from the renoise browser instead of having to open and save them in audacity first.

Same here,

I’m remixing a song and the original files came as .aif. I edited them in Sound Forge and saved as 44k 16bit wav. The resulting files won’t open in Renoise, but other samples from other sources do. The error message is exactly the same as in OP. Is there an answer to this? Installed also the latest codecs but no change.