Renoise ..controlled by cirklon

I have received my cirklon and I am having a blast , but there is something that is really bugging me

In renoise, the Octave switch ( keyboard shortcut /,*) is transposing ALL instruments even when they receive midi input note data from the cirklon

Fist of all , i am not using the cirklon usb out , but rather the physical midi port and using the roland integra as a midi interface
Selecting the input port and channel I can easily control the vst’s insruments , but why does he octave switch transpose the instruments , or the incoming midi data ?

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Just to clarify , there Is NO sequencing going on in renoise , only the cirklon

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Can someone of the developemnent crew chime in ?
Why does the transpose key transpose the instrument when it receives external midi note data ?
The midi monitor clearly shows there is NO transposition going on , yet the octave buttons still do it
I thought these would only apply to the keyboard input data

I am bumping this one , already found here

Transposing octaves in renoise (top bar ) , also tranposes all incoming midi data
We should have the option to disable this