Renoise Dubstep Producers

(Corticyte) #13

The important thing about dubstep that a lot of people don’t realise, is that unlike drum & bass, grime etc.

there is no formula for dubstep!!

just keep it roughly 140 bpm, and make sure there’s plenty of sub bass, and you can call it ‘dubstep’.

Best advice I can give.

(Moss) #14

genre’s are all about formulas…stray too far and your not in the genre any more…
it is MUSIC that has no formula.

(BotB) #15

There IS a wobble formula:


  • Square/Saw/Pulse

  • Wet distortion, lots of hightone

  • Lowpass/lowshelf filter

  • LFO on filter between 20/30Hz to 600/800Hz

  • Draw the curve of your wobble in LFO

  • Automate LFO frequency in automation editor

  • EQ (use ears and good taste)

  • Send track to SUB, keep source

  • Send track to MID, mute source

  • In sendtrack SUB, lowpass/lowshelf filter, cutoff at around 600Hz

  • Stereo expander, set to mono

  • EQ

  • In sendtrack MID, highpass/highshelf filter, cutoff at around 600Hz

  • Chorus, first parameter 2.500, second 40%, third -35%, the rest I don’t care

  • EQ

  • Delay/Reverb according to taste, but restrain thyself

This is pretty damn global, I know… but it’s a start if you have NO clue. Also, if you have NO clue, you can either check out Jong Belegen in your Renoise demo folder, or forget dubstep and get into breakcore.

(Corticyte) #16

wobbly tunes are only the very tip of the dubstep iceberg…

check out this mix by DJG, brilliantly showcases the radically different, ‘deeper’ side of dubstep

[embed]<embed id=‘VideoPlayback’ type=‘application/x-shockwave-flash’ src= width=75% height=81>[/embed]

(BotB) #17

There IS a formula for deepstep (deep dubstep)

  • Make a wobble
  • Toss it in a well

(Hawaiian drummer) #18

I just did this one a few days ago. :yeah:

(hseiken) #19

I don’t know what dubstep is, but I know what wobbles are…that’s what my table does when I’m typing. If I put that into a tune…does I has dubstep? :)

(Djeroek) #20

forget about dubstep, it is all about brostep now lol.

(Moss) #21

i like the wobble in hawaiian drummers signature :dribble:

(maes) #22

wha… crabcore is out nao??? :<

(HeavyBeats) #23

Renoise Dubstep Army :ph34r:

anyway, i love dubstep, great sounds and tunes :)

(Man-at-Arms) #24

El-B is the tits! Too bad a lot of dubstep is kind of formulaic these days, but luckily we have the deep stuff from Burial, 2562 etc to compensate for that.

(empolo) #25

NI released Massive Threat which is a soundpack for dubstep/garage/wonky. I just got the e-mail today.
Here is the link -->

From the web site:

$59 USD and it works with the free Kore 2 Player which I have working great as a VST in Renoise.

So if you’re having trouble getting your wobble, this sound pack should cure those ills.

(choice) #26

This one I was going for lsd induced nightmare. width=100% height=81[/embed]

This one still working on is very forumulaic, I am going for a form of aetherael bliss in this one. Hence the usage of ghost-_lullaby width=100% height=81[/embed]

(Last &amp; Least) #27

whats your opinion on this sort of dubstep… it’s not the usual gagagaga…wubwub stuf which dubstep has “become”

i need to know whether or not people still find this style interesting…

(magOwl) #28

I like that style man, It’s something I can put on at home and listen to, not like most of the more “popular” styles which you really need to go to a club sporting a good soundsystem to appreciate fully. Which I also like, but it’s not something I’d listen to at length at home.

Some good tunes in here guys… keep em coming. Here’s a couple of old ones from myself.

Striking Distance ft. Sunflake height=81 width=100%[/embed]

Little Darling ft. Sunflake height=81 width=100%[/embed]

(choice) #29

Made a simple and rather short meditative tune with the reece linked in this thread:

Nice up Fullofkittens! width=100% height=81[/embed]

It’s WUB. :D

(Ichneumon) #30

I’ve been playing about with the Delay column trying to get a beat with a real UK garage feel about it, but with modern (i.e. Dubstep) type samples.

Do you guys prefer it without (1st bar) or with (2nd) the shakers? Kinda adds a bit more swing, I think.

If anyone fancies a collab I’m thinking about crossing this with an acid vibe. Or, you know, on another track, s’cool. Check out my soundcloud page for other stuff I’ve done - better ambience in those.

(hotelsinus) #31


(rotello) #32

I just did this one a few days ago. yeah.gif

hey man, 8 years passed… but have you got the RNSX to share? now brostep is dead, i d like to learn to do it with renoise…