Renoise Expires In Mm/dd/yy Instead Of Yyyy/mm/dd

hi could we please conform to the non-american DDMMYY method instead of MMDDYY YYYY-MM-DD for the “when this build of renoise expires”?

Mine is. Otherwise it would be saying B5 is already out of date as it says 01/02/12. Is it not maybe taken from your computer’s preferences somehow? Or is there discrepancy between versions?

Could always go with the programmers format of YYMMDD ;)

Or simply just any form of DD-Feb-YYYY.
No more confusions.

Countdown timer in microseconds FTW! :panic:

yyyymmdd, yymmdd, dd-month-yyyy… both sound real swell.
Also, and this is even more cosmetic than this mmddyy confusion :: it’d be real swell if the banner could have a tickbox saying “never show this again” :D cos then it wouldn’t interfere with cursor focus scripts run at startup of Renoise. … but this one is more trivial than trivial.

ISO format is YYYY-MM-DD

you’re so ISO

Well it does have a lot of sense behind it. Hence why nobody but engineers and programmers use it ;)

But I couldn’t say why esaruoho is calling you a Mexican rabbit…

Iso is finnish for big, large, grandiose.

Huh? I see it in ISO format, which I prefer anyway. ;)

i guess it eats OS-based information somehow and formats it accordingly. there’s no reason to do that. ISO, dd/mm/yy, dd/feb/yyyy, anything but OS-based.

It tells me that this is gonna expire on 02/01/12 and it’s 05/01/12 today ;)

Makes perfect sense for it to tell you in the same format you have told your computer to represent it in other areas! Why don’t you set your computer up properly instead?

no, it doesn’t. having it Renoise Universal would be much better than OS-setting-based customization.

It hasn’t helped the U.S. to communicate with Europeans, even tho both have brilliant settings set up brilliantly.

I can guarantee you would have far more people complain that it’s not the same a the rest of their system than you complaining that it is!


YYYY-MM-DD is the 1988 published ISO international standard. 24 years now! Imma underline this for you: international!

Most importantly, it’s sortable.

Everything else is ignorance from the dark ages. :)

You may already be pleased that the “ok” button has been removed that you had to click before Renoise even started. I don’t think checkboxes with those options will ever be even reconsidered (It has been asked many times before and many times before neglected).

Of course Renoise should use the OS i18n and locale settings, that’s the whole point of having them. If you want to see ISO dates, set your computer up to use that format. Why try to force your preferences on everybody else? This is a piece of music software, not a plan for a unified global society.

How can I set my computer to tell the time as a countdown until the end of the Mayan Calendar? I really think Renoise should support this universal way of representing time!

I want it in Hex please, or Roman numerals.

Is it scriptable? :lol:

(Vote for ISO from me, but I’m a Programmer ;) )