Renoise Features - Why get some removed?

Guys, things that you are adding to renoise is awesome :D :drummer: :w00t: , but i dont understand why you always remove stuf from it :( :

after you removed alt+arows as selection i cannot still get used to the new comands, and it is along time passed since then, it is just uncomfortable.

Now, new Filter3 is without few earlyer feature like ringmod, dist, dislow’hi’med’.
Is it so hard to leave old filter2 as well?


i still use renoise 1.27 sampler just for some minor removed features, along with new renoise versions…

or i am the only one person used these things…

read here about Filter2.

could you please list the features you miss?

I miss: Amod, filterdistort (normal, low,med and high modes)

Probably they should be on other new fx…

yes, I understood you miss AMod and Dist (read the thread linked above about them)

I meant: what do you miss since 1.27?

You are not the first who misses the old dist filters. If theres so much request for them, lets bring those back as well (like the AMOD) in a dedicated new “Filter Distortion” device. Filter2 is full of small problems which on the one hand may sound good/interesting but on the other hand are simply bugs for others. That’s why I don’t want it back.

yes why not a new filer distortion plugin… with amod and etc… :)

then filter3 will be only filter (and it is awesome)

and filter distortion for the bugy sounding stuff (i like to use in glith, idm, ambient music)

well it is just small TTF pich shifting thing in the sampler i enjoyed to remodify some samples, i got very interesting results with it (not like in other software), well it is not a major issue and using old tracker time by time doesnt anoy me too much…

well maby new fx, probobly renamed filter2 to some modfilters and with removed hp,bp,lp filters, just leaving amod and distrotions…?

well but, realy i enjoyed that lp moog overheated sweepy noise …

why just not to leave filter2 along with filter3… :)

Let’s bring back the filter2 as the “Odd filter device”
As said:some effects that it causes are very interesting and these effects aren’t really reproductable with current existing combinations of internal DSP effects.

Why not make a certain effect called “Glitcher or Bugger” that makes all kind of weird sounds and effect :) While leaving the normal filters as it is.

good idea, as long as Distortion 3 wouldn’t replace features in Distortion 2, because then we’d be having this conversation all over again.

yes, leave the filter2 and rename it to glitch filter… :)