Renoise Firefox Addon

Just think about how it could work in the future for a bit.

bang out some patterns at work, go home, open firefox, eq it and render to server.

no vsts or rewire probably, but the dsp chains could be possible i think.

could get a bunch of renoise instances running in tabs, could link them together with certain protocols.

could have a sample bin located on a server somewhere to write and read samples into firefox’s memory allocation.

with an xml editor in there to do weirder things.

this idea is insane. i kinda like it

Firefox addons aren’t binaries (or are they??)

looks like javascript runs the extensions & XML creates them. with XUL like Zuul.
Opera’s Widgets look to also use javascript and XML.

Could use SVG or canvas I guess, for graphics and sliders and the pattern editor.

Not sure how the audio subsystem would work, this whole idea hit when I saw the firefox start up page with the open video stuff loading inside the page. Must be a way to get that to work now.

So the interface is very possible, file handling is possible, the audio system… i dunno.

however if the audio subsystem is not possible at all, using the renoise audio subsystem as a server could be. Then the extension would send out lot’s of instructions. But we don’t need that.

We need to allow Renoise secure networking abilities that are under constant scrutiny by a huge amount of very tuned in people!

So with javascript being able to run open video formats, javascript should def be able to run open sound formats, and if it can run them, then they should also be willing to be manipulated in any sense using XUL.

So, in the future, with technology being brought to us openly. Even more abilities will be allotted, to allow us, to figure out how to do all of this.

You should quit drinking, or watching sci-fi movies. Even if your ideas had any merit you are at least 10 years ahead of your time. :P


don’t worry, wait for FFMPEG team to include XRNS support

^ :lol: :lol: :lol:

I get really bored seeing the same ideas being posted with the same ubiquitous referrals to the same ideas. and the same trite retorts… seriously.

By all means if you have an Idea for this, add to it, but don’t seek to stagnant the community with sarcasm designed to discredit the flow of Ideas.

:rolleyes: Well, I for one was laughing at the absurdity of IT-Alien’s reference, because it could just as might become a reality one day. Code monkeys FTW

@choice : (if you’re running windows at work) try remote desktop!

Not really Synthmaker ran as a Firefox extension oh about three years ago now ;)
It was kinda cool because if you posted a schematic of a VST to the forum it actually worked in realtime and was editable in the forum hehehehe


It might have been firefox plugin, but not an extension. Javascript and XUL are far far far away from doing any audio processing whatsoever.

Technically javascript is fast enough (atleast on V8 engine) to be used for some DSP work, but there is no API to do it. The tag only lets you play-pause-seek music files. You can’t generate nor process the audio data.

With flash 10 you can, and theoretically you could pass audio data from javascript to flash and thus do javascript audio processing. But everything is slow and cumbersome, etc. Your idea is ahead of the time. :P

Also I doubt anyone would want to rewrite renoise in javascript. :P

This is pretty moot anyway. Renoise could just serve their app through Gaikai; bam, problem solved, and browser independent.