Renoise Formant Filter

Ever wished a formant filter doing the “A E I O U”-vowel stuff on your basses, leads and pads, like heard in so many professional recent dance tracks?

Here you go. This formant filter is unlike many (even commercial) formant filters able to morph between any vowel combinations you choose. A to O, A to I, U to E, whatever… using Renoise native plugins only.

Download: Renoise Formant Filter v0.9 New Version HERE

Enjoy and have fun with it! :)


Edit: Because there was some clipping in the origin file before I replaced it with a “clean” version. Nothing special changed.

This is the first one I’ve downloaded from your series, pretty impressive :ph34r:

Dude that’s some bad ass processing! Respect :yeah:


edit: may be nice to include the x/y device in this somehow and have the vowels divided across the x/y set-up for easy morphing? :)

double post fail

Very very cool :)

X/Y has no use for that, because it doesn’t matter if I control the 2 filters directly or by X/Y, wich is also two params. The morphing is done automatically. Version 1.0 will have a vowel selector and a LFO to get some control over the morphing. And… even more vowels. :)

Nice one. More accurate that the one I did with the phaser.

Thanx!! Gonna try it tonight!! :D

Okay, here we go. This is the by far most complex setup for a single effect I’ve ever done.

14 Hydras, most of them controlling each other and completely filled to achieve 8 different formants/vowels, morphable in any combination. Each vowel selectable by keystroke from within the pattern without any automation required. Morphing depth and speed controlable/automatable plus resonance control for the formants and combined filter inertia control.

The filters have been changed from bandpass in v0.9 to high- and low-shelf now (shelf-depth also combined controlable), so the effect works way better on any waveform.

Download: Renoise Formant Filter v1.0

This thing kicks some serious ****… :yeah:


This is… insane :eek:

:guitar: :drummer: :yeah:


this is awesome really nicely done :dribble: :drummer:

Amazing work mate, so very cool :D

This is just great!

Wicked stuff! love it.

I don’t understand how this works AT ALL. But thanks!

(I usually use a vocoder to get formants. It’s easier but this is way more impressive)

Yeah way too complex for me. Sounds very amazing! Thanks for your effort.

i was proud i could make a wave say “die-die-die” once…but this is :panic: