Renoise Formant Filter


Wow, i’m speechless! :eek:

No, wait! Now i’m no longer anymore! ;)

Edit: And it can YODEL! :lol: :rolleyes:


+1 but very nice! seems to me that as complex setups as this one gets kind of hard to read.


i am pretty sure bitarts could also simulate a convolution reverb with native effects. ;)
seriously, kudos for all these really thought-out mockups. always a pleasure to see and hear your work.

I’m curious how many hydra’s, Q5’s, Q10’s and reverb devices that would require.
Probably not as much as the formant filter.

Also i can finally substitute my Delay Llama for a native version :P
Still a pity, i’m gonna miss the good-smiling monk.

Though it was a bit tricky it isn’t that complicated in the end. Maybe there’s some people interested in how this filter works.

Simplified this is what the setup does:

A vowel consists (in this case) of 2 formants. For each vowel there is a hydra containing the two resonant filter frequencies of these formants in “out max”. Raised to the full amplitude of the LFO each vowel arrives at its target frequencies. Filter frequencies of the current formants are passed to all hydras as “out min”, wich does the morphing then when the input of a hydra is raised after changing/selecting the next vowel. To be the only active hydra sending frequency values, the current hydra of each formant parallel mutes the inputs of all other “vowel-hydras”.

Okay, maybe sounds still complicated though. :D But once you understand how formants work, it really isn’t that hard to understand. :)


Mind-boggling as usual. Great stuff

next stop, ‘bit arts vocoder 1.0’ :wink:

:D First there will be another update of the formant filter, with a more optimized handling of the Hydras, automatable variance of the formants, vowel related optimization of the filter resonance, some frequency corrections, even more vowels and stuff like that.

But a vocoder is a nice idea, indeed. And I’ve seen someone already did an impressive attempt on that.

I seriously fell down when I saw this.

Blown away by the quality of your use of native plug-ins

Good job BA

Whatthehell, dude? Never saw such a complex setup. You should apply for “Deutschland sucht den Frickelkönig” ;)

PS I love your dubtechno chords. I’m having serious fun with it atm!

Heya I’d love to try this out and see what it’s all about but the link is down.

Anyone got a copy they can share?

yeh, tried adding a ‘N’ while the link writes format instead of formant, but no luck.

You might want to fool around with this one:

ewps, the link is no longer accessible.
Guess we have to ask kicko to reshare somewhere else?

  • 1 for the Hydra formant monster… i’d really like to try it

I hope BA is OK with this. He did allow me to put one of his others up before (think the 303 one) but I did ask in advance as he had recently removed them. Anyway…

Also saw this one with the name formant in it while searching:

Wow! this is so great

Thank you!

I’m fine with this, which also goes for any other file. :) I just deleted the whole subdomain where the files were hosted. That’s why the links don’t work anymore.