Renoise Freebsd Build

Dear Renoise build team,

this is a kind request for a FreeBSD build of Renoise!

Given that you provide linux and esp. mac os X executable, freebsd build would most likely work without any/minimal changes.

Thank you!


p.s. Btw. FreeBSD support is a very strong argument for new Renoise registration.

isn’t there something like a linux compatibility layer in the freebsd kernel?
it’s quite a time since I used both but I think I remember something like that.

It is. And Renoise is running. But that’s not all unfortunately. Due the lack of OSS support in Renoise, the only way is to use jack, which would be indeed more than fine in a native build. Now running linux jackd in freebsd is another story. I tried hard in the last days to do so. My last try includes debian squeeze chroot (otherwise my production environment), with zero success.

try if this thread helps you. I don’t think Renoise is going to ever exist for more than three platforms