Renoise II Predictions

:drummer: beatslicer :P

or for kaneel, b********r :P :D

let’s not talk about bug fixes though, let’s talk about features!!


songname generator


Song generator.

nipples, clean energy and the cure for the common cold.

lol and the pulldown menu from that would be trance OR breakcore huh? :D lol

but seriously:

Breaking the hex limit, introduction of new patterncommands to control gui & envelopes, (loop)markers, set speed to 95837495872974352 bpm etc etc
Ultimate pimped out xrni / multiple velocity layers / envelopes shabang
Midi assignable gui
Big ass automation editor with over 30 brushes lol
Advanced editor scriptsection
Arranger that pwns
Linux version
Long sample streaming from disk
Real Sidechaining / amplitude & frequency demodulators (pimped out meta velocity device)
Drawtool in sample editor
Irc section / internet coop mode / osc support
Re-assignable / draggable gui sections

Come on Taktik, you know you can do it lol

Oh yeah… beatsyinc and speed going beyond 999 :dribble:

No no no, no pulldown! Renoise will just have one button in the middle of the screen “Song generate”, after pressing you can save as wav or mp3 of your choice. A very important tip, before pressing SG you have to pray for which genre you want, you need to be a high Renoise believer or else it won’t work!!

The list Jonas wrote contain most of the requested features, if these get implemented what is left for V3? :P

No nibbles, but a nibbles API so you can write your own nibbles.
No filename generator, but a filename scripting engine so you can launch scripts to name a file.
Embedded smilies in the pattern editor.
Rss feed in the sample editor.
Fortune teller at launch time, every fortune has the word ‘penis’ in it.
The Kaneel TV Network, All Kaneel, all the time.
Mac OS 9 backport.
Homeland security terror alert, next to the sample offset marker in sample editor.
Online poker.

From the top of my head… :)

Higher precision
Audio freeze (or to be more precise, ability to have large wav files and have them playing from wherever you decide to start playing the song)
Tempo Envelopes (perhaps it’s allready possible ?)
Midi export
Script Support
Pimped up xrni
Midi quantization/Count In
Linux version
Movable/Detachable GUI parts

A smapler! A full featured one.

  • Native Midi Export
  • Linux Version (then I can finally dump Windows)
  • Multilayered Samples (import of KONTAKT and BATTERY stuff)
  • Arranger
  • Sample Streaming (simply for vocals RAM is not enough)
  • Count in

On the other hand, I love this babe it is :)


Renoise pretty much IS a giant sampler as it is…

What more could you possibly need??

Mixdown button.

Multilayered Samples. Samples with different key velocity. More effects samplewise. Import of “professional” sample-banks so no vst is needed for that :)

So this would partially be a revision of the Instrument format I guess…

Made me lol… :rolleyes:

:D :P :) :dribble: :walkman: :wacko: :yeah: :guitar: :lol: :huh:<_<

A BtPD. (Meta-device :> )

oi… I just realised again, that my license ends with 2.0. So pls do do smaller version steps in teh future pls pls plz, like 1.9.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.etc ehem :rolleyes: