Renoise Instruments

since my good laptop died earlier this year i have been relegated to working on a significantly less powerful machine, as a work around i take alot of my favorite vsti sounds and render full 2 and three octave chromatic scales to then organize into XRNIs. My latest one is a cello spicatto in 2 octaves rendered from edirol orchestral. i never knew if anyone would want some of these things so i guess im basically seeing if theres interest, if so ill start uploading these and making them available.

Dude… seriously… I’d sell my ass on a parking lot for those…!!!

ok cool! ill try and get what i can uploaded in the next hour or so

I wouldn’t mind test driving some of your instruments :)

maybe you can upload them here:

Here you go botb, un effected and sound pretty good to my ear, tell me if you have any requests or suggestions, i make alot of instruments in my spare time or when im not quite inspired enough to write music
Cello Spicatto XRNI

ill start uploading to loop project too

edit i think i did it right

This is so awesome!! Thou art a hero!! I used to use Edirol Orchestra a LOT but lost it when I switched to OSX. Especially Violin and Violin Spiccato (those two work so freakingly well together), but I’d hate to ask of you to go through the trouble of ripping and mapping those instruments… But… if you’re accepting requests…

Let me know if there is a way to repay you somehow!

well the process i have for doing them is not too time consuming and ill use the instruments too, ill get you violin sppicatto next… 3 octaves or 2?

there ya go 3 octave
violin spicatto

By golly man, currently building an Altar in your Name :D:D:D:D

haha nice, if you have any good xrni drumkits, those are my least fav thing to build, thats repayment enough, im currently working on the regular violin one for ya

I have about 60 cut up drumloops set to instruments.
I currently have no INet at home, but I’ll make damn sure you get them! :D

badass drum kits are where my collection is lacking, the regular violin will take a little while as its a sustaining tone so i need to set loop points correctly and get the volume sustain envelope right, but its coming along

I’ll get you a dose of drumkits ASAP, hopefully tonight from my friend’s place I’ll be able to upload some. By the way, if you don’t mind, PM me your email, for if all else fails.

Can’t say this enough time: Thou Art A Hero :D

thanx aphid

as BotB said:

this is sooo sweet

BotB i wouldnt mind having those drums either :D

i seriously got to start chopping

im in the process of chopping the jungle warfare cds

oh man i wish i still had those discs, i dunno where they went prolly lost on the old lappy, im on my last octave building the regular violin instrument

I agree, all of these would make a great addtition to the loopproject library. Thanks for your efforts. :)

just for the record, the correct name for the articulation is “spiccato” :)

im putting them up at loop project as well, when you use these if you find any issues (loop timing etc) lemme know or you can fix them and re upload the improved version, buti think the violin is nice so far, meticulously matching up those wav form points its sounding fairly seemless
regular violin in 3 octaves

haha sorry, i made the mistake once and then stuck with it… apologies lol

Thanks man.