Renoise Is Frickin' Amazing Software

I’ve had the pleasure of using Renoise for about 2 months now, and I have to say, I really love it.

I remember using Impulse Tracker way back when in DOS, and so I was able to slip in to Renoise like an old pair of comfortable shoes… Except these shoes were super awesome self-lacing shoes like in Back to the Future II.

Seriously, I’m a software developer myself, and I like to think I can spot damned solid, intuitive, sexy software when I see it and Renoise just really hits that mark. It has been a pleasure to learn and use over the past several weeks.

So huge kudos to all the Renoise developers. I’m sure it’s just going to keep getting better and better, and the fact that it enables all of these amazing, creative people to exercise their musical muscle, well, i gotta say, that just makes me feel all warm and tingly inside.

It really has single handedly opened up a whole new arena of musical possibilities for me, personally!!

Thanks for all the amazing work. Keep it up. I look forward to sharing my “output” soon! I have about 10 tracks that I’m finishing up over the next couple weeks that i hope to do something with.



Welcome to the ever growing community and dedicated renoise users. :)

note only you love renoise) ;)

good to know. would be a sad world, otherwise.

in future renoise will be one of the best
for example some times ago i have installed FL and fl say f****k off) need bettersound card)
but in renoise now i can work with my integrated soundcard)

Renoise is great. I just hope it will continue it’s development for the oncoming years.

And if it would ever stop development, I would like to challenge Tactik & co to promise to make it open source
in such scenario.

The kick-ass extendability the open xrns supports also means that I might whip up my own pattern arranger application within a few weeks. And anyone can start to make such applications.


Well, open source will probably not happen, but if you can do the pattern arranger I would first want to see results if you say you can do this within a few weeks.
That’s me challenging you.

i second that

Well, I said open source IF things would stop in development and thus no income being generated any more.
Just like the roots of Renoise themselves were…

But yes, I shall show you an external program (not something you can do within Renoise) pattern arranger that will basically allow you to open up a .xrns file, and then re-arrange the patterns. Given that it is expressed in the XML which I’m sure it is.
Will be written in C#, using .net 2.0

Features for 0.1:

Opens a file, allows you to re-arrange the order of patterns and to increase/decrease the length of a pattern by multiplier or dividers of 2. Most basics of gui.

0.5: Alternative arrangement support, generate random arrangements, ?

Will do once I have something to show. I know this isn’t the appropriate place, but one has to respond to challenges.

the best thing about renoise is you can have actuall “fun” while creating a tune, no hassle, it’s all layed out for you!

welcome to renoise. I promise you’ll soon feel that your advancing using renoise.

its true. renoise is amazing! a pleasure to use :D

Renoise is awesome :)

new user here…i’m not sure if i’ll be able to use anything else now that i’m getting used to the Renoise way :yeah:

intutitive, fast and most of all, fun!

A f*$&ing joy.

without renoise, there would be no decent techno music

Not true Happy Milkshake Man.

Nice sentiment though/

“Sometimes I load cubase up, laugh at it and close it down again” posted by sid.

seriously folks, that should be on renoise’s logo :P