Renoise is like trying to learn Blender.

Are there any plans to offer classes or online live help that people could pay a fee to receive? As I’ve said in other posts, I’ve been using Renoise for 10 years and I’m still barely any further into it than I was when I started. RTFM doesn’t work so well for people, it certainly doesn’t work for people like me. I need to be shown where things are and what kinds of philosophies are behind many of the options and where they’re placed. I still don’t even fully understand the “Renoise philosophy”. I eventually understood Adobe’s philosophy with many of their products, I just don’t get in any way shape or form the philosophies behind Renoise.

I don’t get why META is located in DSP. I don’t get why so many options are sprawled all over the place, some midi stuff is in THIS menu, some is in THAT menu, some is in the Options pulldown menu from the top. Just assigning and mapping the pitchbend to be controlled with the pitch wheel through midi in an automation is a living hell.

So, do you plan on offering any type of service of some sort that people can have live interaction?

Maybe the tutorial videos would help somewhat more than RTFM?

Edit: Looking at the list of those, they seem to be geared more at beginner users. It seems like I saw some more intermediate/advanced videos someplace, but I can’t find them right now.

Anybody know what I’m talking about?

for online live help, visit us in the #renoise irc channel on

There are some more advanced ones on YouTube. I made a point of watching every single video about Renoise I could find there, and in the end it was a good indoctrination into the ways of Renoise.

What advanced tutorials are you referring to? Every one I’ve seen has been pretty beginner-ish. I would love to see some of the more advanced workflows. One thing I’m particularly interested in is how people work using the high LPB style use case (eg as in the hitori tori vids).

It would be great to get some official Renoise tutorials up - they vary in quality so greatly

Brainpalace had some good ones… edit: link

I’d love to see someone like Djeroek do a bit of composing…

Thanks but this is still too basic. Most of the material is stuff you could figure out looking up stuff in the manual.

I’m more interested in things like personal workflows of advanced users and unconventional uses of effects and signal routing (but not limited to this). Stuff beyond “hey this button exists and this is what it does”.

And yeah, it would be cool just to see someone super advanced going about their composing process in realtime. That could be more interesting than any tutorial come to think of it.

Thanks for the info, especially the IRC channel. Still, I think some sort of paid (and not a cheap price either) live help would be awesome, especially if it could be where you do a remote desktop and voice chat.

Hmmm…it’s not as bad as Blender :w00t:

I don’t think the Renoise team would have resources to do it, even if they charged for it, so it would be a local initiative. But then, the Renoise user base might be not that large to try to build a business model around it for someone.

But what sort of info would you be expecting to learn using this service? You can pretty much ask any question of any level here and get an answer to it rather quickly.

Also, how would you define that someone is of a sufficient level of Renoise knowledge to provide such service? Seems like you have been registered on the forums for quite a while, most likely many users would rightfully expect you to answer pretty much any question about Renoise yourself.

Kizzume, you need to make some Youtube videos where you CLEARLY show what you are having problems with. In your other post where several people tried to help you, I couldn’t understand most of the problems you were trying to explain, and a video would make it much easier to see exactly what you mean.
If you ask questions on here, you will almost always get an answer. Post up a video on Youtube and it will be even easier for us to see what you mean.
You can use Faststone Screen Capture to capture video of your screen (it costs something like $20 but you can try it out for free, I think - I use it every single day for cutting images out of screens, etc.) I did try using Camstudio but found the audio was always messed up, whereas the Faststone Screen Capture video had perfect quality audio.

Renoise forum should have a quick chat window, so anyone could ask simple questions and answer without having to post new threads. Not everyone uses IRC.

Yes, but then the answer would only be seen by ONE person, and others wouldn’t be able to benefit from the answer - which is the whole purpose of forums.

I’m talking about an open chat window where anyone can comment, they have it on other forums, so why not here?

Sorry, I didn’t mean only one person would be able to see the chat, I meant the chat would be lost after the answer had been given, and the whole purpose of the forums is for people to be able to ask questions, get answers, and for those answers to be stored so others can search for them.

Chat would be nice, but for questions and answers, I think we could lose a lot of knowledge if people answered questions using chat.

I think forum posts is for important stuff that could benefit the community, but if you have a simple question like “i can’t find the volume setting and finetune for a sample, where is it?” it does nothing more than fill up the forum with crap imo.

That is what the Bugs, help, support forum is for.
People are entitled to ask every question, even if it seems rediculous/obvious, but perhaps so may be the answer.