Renoise Knock-Out Tournament - Post Tourney Discussion, Feedback

Thanks to everyone for making this a great tournament! In total, we had 16 competitors and 4 rounds. The tournament lasted almost 2 months.

Extra special thanks to Chotoro for designing and hosting the voting site. That was really helpful. Also thanks to Keith303 for the samplepack mirrors. And of course big thanks to all the people to participated! Special thanks to the Renoise team, without whom none of us would even be here enjoying this great way to write music. :)

So, I need your feedback to make the next compo/tournament better.

What was good?
What was bad or needed improvement?
Any ideas or suggestions?

And now, here is all the tournament song download links compiled by round so that it is easy to find a particular song. At the bottom of this post, I’ll also post the bracket image.
I wasn’t sure about some of the song titles if you didn’t include it on your xrns or mp3… So if you want me to update a particular song title, just post here or PM me and I’ll change it.

Also – I was wanting to get some feedback on whether we should try to preserve this tournament on the internet archive or or something like that? If not, these song URL’s will decay, and eventually all that will be left of the tournament will just be who won, but not the songs themselves. I think it would be worth it to preserve… So if no one is opposed, I may go ahead and try to set it up on the internet archive.

i thought it was a great ride. usually i join in on the DDRC compo’s, which is all very friendly and nice and in a single round. because of the knock-out element, this competition had me pretty scared at the end when i had to go up against the likes of Robbie S, Chotoro and Keith303, because i heard what they could do. it was scary but great fun as well and it pushed me to try harder than usual maybe.

the only ‘bad’ thing i can think of was that one samplepack which cost me my place in the compo :)
but i think an artist should be able to work with whatever he’s getting so please take that more as a joke than as a complaint.

with DDRC the songs are uploaded to Soundcloud, which we could do here as well. but i guess another way of archiving is good too. i would not mind it archived so i can have my grandkids listen to it someday :)

i’d really like to thank all competitors and organic io especially for making this compo exist and work and be fun and exciting. i’ll definitely consider joining in on any future endeavors like this one!

Yes, big up to organic for organizing this shindig! thumbs up It was fun and with a good variety in the samplepacks. Some harder than others to tame, but it wouldn’t be a compo if they wasn’t.

I’ll definitely participate in future Knockout Compos if such will appear. Maybe it will grow to something big? If so, I can say I was in the first one. :)