Renoise Knock-Out Tournament Registration And Planning Thread. July

OK, I’ve been wanting to do an “honor system 2 hour compo” for a while. How would this work? Everyone downloads the samplepack and has about a week to submit, but participants are only allowed to actually track in Renoise for 2 hours. After 2 hours you must stop and render the song. Everyone has to be honest, and if you’re caught cheating, that would just be really sad :(

So today I had the idea for a knockout tournament… And I thought – Why not combine the two?

Throw in a bit of fun with the “Europe vs the world” craziness just for kicks, and it sounds like it could be an interesting event! (Since the distribution of tracker-based musicians seems to be heavily Euro-centric, it will require the whole rest of us to take you on!)

Brackets would look something like this:

What??? Keith303 already won??? Guess we will have to call the whole thing off.

But for real… :lol:

It would run something like this:

There would have to be a limit to the number of participants (in the bracket mock-up above, it is 8 per league), so for example 16 competitors total. If there is more or less interest we can probably go up to 32 total, or as low as 8 total.

For 16 competitors, there would be 4 rounds (each with about a week of tracking time given to do your 2-hour entry), each with its own samplepack. During each round, sets of two competitors will “face off” against each other.

Voting would be: Every competitor would vote for every other “face off” in that round of the competition (including the other league) except for the face off they are in, of course. So for example in Week 1, everyone would be voting on 7 other “face offs”. If your entry receives more votes than your competitor, then you move up to the next bracket and the competitor is knocked out of the competition.
Once you are knocked out, you are still encouraged (or possibly required) to vote on the upcoming weeks face-offs.

Seeding will be random… So for the first round, you will be paired with someone randomly regardless of your tracking experience or theirs.

Commenting on all the songs is welcome, as well as good-spirited smack-talk.

So … Anybody have any comments or suggestions for improvement? I would consider a longer tracking time (3 hours?) or a different set of “leagues” if you have any better suggestions. :)
Voting could also probably be tweaked too.

And at this time, I’ll go ahead and begin registering participants if you are interested. I’ll go ahead and assume we will do 16 participants (8 for each league) and we can adjust later if need-be.

So I’ll be the first to sign myself up for the world league:

Renoise knock-out 2-hour tournament registration list

Possibly going to get rid of the “leagues” since we are now outnumbered by the Europeans almost 2:1 !

World League:
*organic io (USA)
*cocoa (USA)
*Ludamillion (USA)
*protman (USA)
*chunter (USA)
*cat hero (USA)
*lapubell (USA)

European League:
*cralias (LAT)
*TheBellows (NOR)
*Chotoro (FIN)
*td6d (NED)
*magOwl (SWE)
*Andy:Ray (SWE)
*rhowaldt (NED)
*Mane (UK)
*Robbie S (SWE)
*keith303 (GER)
*Suva (EST)
*E.H.V.A.H. (NED)


Date of 1st round: TBA, but probably starting in July, which will give us time to plan and gather participants

To Register: Just reply to this thread and say “I’m in”, state your tracking nickname and country. Registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

In! I’m all for this. I’ve seen what some really determined ninja guys can cook up in 2 hours (or less), so it’s bound to be a hell of a thing.
Come on, you lazy people! Get away from your thousand-knob VSTs and let some true tracker-geek creativity flow instead of your engineering degree. Ok, that’s a (bad) joke, both worlds are good. Anyway…


cralias (LAT)

cough cough :P ;)

It’s very hard to control [i]honesty.

[/i]It’s a question of faith, of trust. But, I’ve a simple idea on this point.

Let’s say that registered people would have to use their video screen capture utility (with a very, very low framerate) and have to record their work. When it’s done they release not only the xrns track, but also the compressed video. They could upload it in a site like… megaupload for example. A cool video could eventually feed the Renoise video tutorials section in the future. What do you think about it ?

Right, there’s, of course, Dead Dog. Which is cool. But we need moar. I was thinking something along the lines of BeatBattle ;)

[/i]At first I thought that Renoise already has (or could have) something like MS Office documents have - “total editing time” field. But then again - a determined cheater can edit XML data and then re-ZIP the song. Recording video seems to be a heck of a burden for a simple compo.

Why it needs to be controlled in the first place? People are so obsessed with controlling other people nowadaysm, treating each other not as a friend or a rival, but a potential criminal. Ok, let’s suppose someone cheats and wins that way. Point one - at least the song might be good. Point two - the achievement itself is void. This isn’t about money or some prizes. Will the cheater be damn proud having f*cked up the compo just to win? This isn’t elementary school. I think we’re all decent people and policing is very unnecessary. Unhealthy even.

Only thing - having a video tutorial for some cool song seems to be a good idea. But I’d want it optional.

Trust is adequate for me, i think i would be put off from participating if i had to do all this extra shit. I’m here to track, not everything else, and why would anyone cheat anyway, it’s not like you can win a large sum of money. :)

It’s a good idea, but I agree more with cralias and Bellows

Yeah, I think this pretty much sums it up. Plus, we are pretty much going to be able to tell if somebody has an extremely polished entry where it is obvious they spent 15 hours on it or something.

Sure… So optionally record your progress :)

Agreed. I’ve never done screen capturing now that I’ve been in Linux but I’m not really looking forward to figuring out how to set it up.

However, there might be a small prize for the winner… I haven’t decided yet. :)

We could also suggest that people use an online timer such as this → Timer – Just to keep themselves in check…

Count me in for this one.

cocoa (USA)

Also if you do the screen capture you could potentially cheat in a way if you made a track first and then captured when you did the same thing over in a jiffy. :lol:

Count me in aswell, not shure how much i can do in 2 hours, but it’ll be fun to find out. :)

Sounds fun. I’m in. I’m a bit of a Renoise newb but I should be able to get myself up to snuff by July.

Ludamillion (USA)

Awesome. So far my Americans compatriots are outnumbering all by a 3:1 ratio :drummer: Bring it on, Europeans! Maybe there should be 3 leagues? USA, World, and Europe. Perhaps I’ve underestimated the number of US Renoisers?

So basically i represent whole Europe?
shits his pants :badteeth:

Dude, sorry… I must have missed where you said you’re in. I’ve added you. You’ve got cralias representing with you too.

So now we have at least enough people for 2 rounds :)

in like flynn

Awesome… Now half the world league slots are already filled up for a 16 person tournament!

Chotoro is in, European league.

Regarding cheating and screen recording, I’m for an honour system. However, it’d still be interesting to watch, so I’m’ proposing that the two participants in the final round must record their composing (others may if they want to of course). That way everyone gets to watch at least two songs being made, and it also makes sure that no-one gets to win by cheating the whole way (i.e. a possible cheater will fall on the last step at the very latest).

Also, looks like a lot of voting… is there some handy web app or other thingamabob for that? I can probably write one if nothing else.

Can you use the “poll function” for the voting like in the Dead Dogs maybe?

Also as i said earlier, if you record the screen you could still cheat, so it will be very hard to control.

Sounds good, those will likely be some of the most skillfull songs anyway.

That’s something we can work out before July. If you wanted to write something, that would be awesome!

I can probably do it, so for now count me in. I can’t do vid-capture on my gear though, I trust and expect that most of us don’t have more than a couple hours to spend on something like this anyway. I have two suggestions, partly based on participation so far;

Don’t worry about division by geography.

I suggest having a pre-vote to determine seeding with ties broken by lot. That’ll make sure we don’t end up with keith303 vs Chotoro in the first round. You want the best performers to be in opposite brackets when possible.

I had considered this before and I’ll still consider it.