Renoise Knock-Out Tournament Registration And Planning Thread. July

The ambition of this contest is HUGE!!! Good thing ‘that other’ contest is happening right before this one

I’m in. I love the 2 hour concept, thats about the limit of my attentionspan when making music anyway :lol:

name: td6d - Europe, Netherlands

I’m in. magOwl, Sweden.

But depending on when this is going to happen I might not be able to participate, as I won’t be home. Unless I can find some inet cafe or something. I can let you know as soon as a date is set.

Oh no, we got a Swede on our team! :panic: :lol:

I’m in!
oh, no! not another swede!!!
I haven’t done anything in such a long time
so I think I should try to give this a go… 2 hours in a weeks time shouldn’t be that hard.


I’d love to participate, but I know I’ll end up being knocked out in the first round. <_<

You should, it will still be fun!

Great to see more registrations though – Good to see you here Andy:Ray!

i’ll represent team california. i just need some good weed

this is probably gonna happen before my equipment comes in… so i’m operating purely on headphones and a laptop keyboard but its worth a shot anyway i suppose


so If I’ve read the rules correctly we have to produce 2hrs of music per entry?? That’s quite daunting for a beginner who struggles to finish a track! Maybe I’ll try and start a 1.5 min version of this tournament!

Also, same!! :wacko:


We don’t have to produce 2 hours of music, we just have 2 hours to work on each round’s entry, i.e.

start – I don’t have anything produced!
00:30 – Cool synth…
01:00 – Yeah, this sounds good
01:30 – Crap, I’ve used most of my time
02:00 – I only finished 30 sec. of music :o

Render my 30 sec. and submit, lose to Keith303. sigh.

Exactly… That’d be messed up if we had to make 2 hours worth of music in 1 week.

i thought about it for some time, and like to participate. i’m from the Netherlands, so joining the Europe league.

i do have to see how this fits in with my summer holiday though…

Ahh ok…Sorry, that’s actually pretty obvious…I really failed to read correctly at all!

So does that mean you’re in??? :walkman:

Hmmmm…maybe! I might have to get some practises in because i’m a complete beginner! …Also moving house at the start of July actually so have to see if i can get something set up in time…yeah go on then!! :drummer: :yeah: :panic:

Well, ok, I’m in only if there is a space available and nobody else wants it. Oh yeah, from Sweden.


Haha, don’t worry mate i’m shure Europe needs some swedes to kick some world butt. :yeah:

Awesome… Now we have 15 people total! Unfortunately there are currently 9 europeans and only 6 world-leaguers… Anyone else want to join?

I’m sure we can figure out a way to even it out though. Could probably move Mane to the world league since some people would probably argue that the UK isn’t part of Europe anyway ???

Haha well i wouldn’t be one of those people but I’m happy to represent Europe or The World in the first musical competition I’ve ever entered! :unsure:

So will it be Europeans pitted against each other until the final where it will be best of Europe vs best of anywhere else?

I can’t take part due to final uni work, but that’s all over in three weeks so if there are stil Euro slots after that then I will play.